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I have a sourdough starter in my refrigerator. It’s been there for months.  When I first made the starter, I had grand visions of delicious sourdough bread.  However, life happens and before too long it was placed into the back of the fridge on the shelf of forgottenness.  Back when I started the starter (heh!) I named it Goob, after the adorable character from Disney‘s “Meet the Robinson’s.”  If you’ve seen the movie, the rest of this post will make sense to you. If you (by random chance) haven’t seen it, drop everything and go watch it.  Seriously. It’s amazing.

So at any rate: Goob was good to me, and then I abandoned him, and now he stinks.

I opened the fridge today to put away some pizza, and there sat Goob.  My failure out front, in the open, for all to see.  I turned to my husband and sighed.

“I’ve got to take care of poor Goob. I’ll try to look it up tomorrow and see if there’s anything I can do to save him.”

My husband immediately pops up with: “Go back in time, don’t neglect him so much.”

I love my husband.

The players:
Benjamin – on a natural christmas high from getting presents and being surrounded by family and love all day long.
Various friends and family – scattered throughout the house.

The background:
Papa and Nanny bought Benjamin a fake black and decker tool set for Christmas so Benjamin could “help” Papa work on stuff.  He had cycled through all of his toys at least twice already that day.

The scene:
Christmas night, 9pm, at home.  Benjamin is playing in his playroom, there’s several people in the kitchen baking cookies and Benjamin’s parents and Aunt Charla are in the living room standing around talking about the days events.  The weather outside is, appropriately, frightful.  Low 30’s with a severe wind chill.

Aaaaannnd, ACTION:
Dim lights. Three adults speaking to each other in murmured conversation as they hear loud footsteps.  All heads turn to see the two year old running towards them, still in Christmas best, wild sugar-fuled eyes, small pupils, a large smile, and his left arm raised into a 90 degree angle with his hand holding a small plastic hammer.  The child runs through the kitchen, deftly dodging the cookie-bakers, straight at the small group of adults.  At the last minute he swerves to the right, still at full speed, towards the closed back door.  Without a word he flings the door open with his empty right hand and starts to push against the cold breeze.  The adults watch as the cold temperature registers in his brain and he steps back, slamming the door, and turns to look at the small group of adults who up until this point have been silently watching.

JUSTIN: Benjamin, what in the world are you doing?!

The child looks at his father with the wild, excited eyes of a two year old on Christmas night.


ADULTS: [Laughter]

JUSTIN: Son, that feeling will never go away.

The child, unaware of why his comments are funny, turns from the adults and starts to hammer away on the closed door.  The outside chill, for now, forgotten.

These will only be funny to you if you are a Dr. Who fan who happens to watch Super Readers…. but I included links so you can get the gist of it.

From bathtime tonight, two brief glimpses at life with Benjamin:

Benjamin plays with a large camouflage bucket that will fit on his head. He puts the bucket on his head so that the main bucket is over his face.

“Mommy! I got a bucket on my head!”

“Benjamin! Can you say ‘are you my mummy?‘”

So Benjamin holds the bucket over his head, looks right at me, and says (with it echoing in the bucket), “Are you my mummy?


Benjamin and I are playing Ducky Superheros with his three duckies.  I realize he keeps spitting as he laughs.

“Benjamin! Stop spitting, that’s gross.”

“I can’t stop spitting.”

“You can’t stop spitting? Why not?”

“It says so in my story.”

Seriously. For anyone who doesn’t have a talkative toddler yet… hang in there. These days are amazing.

Two quick toddler quotes for you, although one is dialogue so you can get the context of the ridiculous.

“I can’t go potty, I’m crying!”


“Benjamin, what do you want for dinner? Do you want some chili?”
“Yeah! I want CHILI!”
“Ok buddy, I will make it in a few minutes.”
In the meantime, he proceeds to repeatedly ask for chili.  I go to the kitchen and heat up the chili.
I set the hot bowl on the counter (out of his reach).
He reaches for the hot bowl, saying “Chili!”
“Benjamin, don’t touch that, it’s hot! Mommy is going to get you your own bowl.”
I get him his own bowl, dump half of the heated up chili in to it, and turn to him, bowl in hand.
“Benjamin, do you want cheese on your chili?”
He then proceeds to start crying. I was like, do whaaaa??
“Ok. Well, then here’s your chili buddy!”
He looks in the bowl.
“That’s not chili!!!”
I’m like, do whaaa?
“Yes, it is.”
“No, it’s not chili!!”
“Benjamin, yes, that is chili, just like we ate two days ago!”
“No, it’s not chili!” He is adamant.
“Well, then, son, what do you think it is? What is this?” I point to the chili.
“It’s Rock ‘n Roll!”

He never did admit that chili was chili, and he eventually had soup for dinner.  Ahh, two year olds are awesome.

Me, in the kitchen, tasting one of the biscottis I just took out of the oven. Its delicious almond crunch is delicious.

Justin, in the game room, playing with Benjamin, the too-adorable-almost-8-month-old.

Justin: Hey, whatcha doing in there Mommy?
Me: Enjoying the fruit of my labor *crunch crunch*
Justin: oh, hey, me too.

It took me a second to get it. I love my husband!

I’m going to try to start a new tradition: Miscellaneous Monday. On any given Miscellaneous Monday I will share something (or two) I’ve found on the Internet that might pique your interest. Today we’ve got two things!

The first: The Simple Wife ( )

Let me tell you, don’t click this link without grabbing some tissues first. The Simple Wife is the blog of Joanne Heim, a woman living in Denver who recently suffered from a massive stroke. I don’t really have appropriate words to convey what has happened in this blog since her stroke on January 11th… you’ll have to read it for yourself. Suffice it to say that the love that is expressed on the pages of her blog have literally made me weep. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big crybaby anyways, and anyone who knows me very well knows that nothing makes me cry more than the triumph of the human spirit. Seeing people be strong in the face of adversity – in real life, not in the imaginary world of books and movies – has warmed my heart. Go, follow her husband as he provides updates and speaks lovingly about his 19 year companion. Cry. Pray for her and their family. Take a minute to thank God for your own family.

Also, they have a separate blog that isn’t updated as often that deals with their marriage, specifically dealing with a marriage in which the husband is bipolar (it’s linked on the main page). Can I just tell you how much I am loving reading these archives? Man. What an amazing couple.

Ok, that one’s done, now for the fun one.

Rosewell, Texas ( )

A graphic story by L. Neil Smith and Rex F. May detailing a alternate universe where Davy Crockett survives the Alamo and Santa Anna dies, resulting in Texas being its own country. The story surrounds the UFO landings in Roswell and while it took a bit for me to get into it, I absolutely fell in love with it about a third of the way through it. It paints a picture of Texas that any libertarian would love to see, as unrealistic as it might be. And if you’re a fan of history you’ll love the characters the pop up randomly throughout the story – my favorite was Gene Roddenberry, but then, I don’t want to spoil it for you. Go, read, enjoy.

Day 11 – Something people seem to compliment you the most on.
My cheerfulness and happy countenance. I’m apparently really, really cheerful. Who knew?

(coincidentally, this is also one of the things about me that irritate people the most.)

Day 12 – Something you never get compliments on.
My clean house, because it never is! 🙂

Everyone’s a little crazy. I thought I’d share my crazy with you!

One of my coworkers brought some Easter candy to work and since I’m not diabetic (yay!) and am pregnant (yay!) I decided I could probably manage to have a little snack pack of skittles. So I open it up and here are the contents:

6 purple skittles
4 yellow skittles
3 orange skittles
1 red skittle
1 green skittle

So! First I eat 2 purple skittles. I then have:

4 purple skittles
4 yellow skittles
3 orange skittles
1 red skittle
1 green skittle

So then I eat 1 purple skittle and 1 yellow skittle. I then have:

3 purple skittles
3 yellow skittles
3 orange skittles
1 red skittle
1 green skittle

So then I eat 2 sets of the following: 1 purple skittle, 1 yellow skittle, 1 orange skittle. I then have:

1 purple skittle
1 yellow skittle
1 orange skittle
1 red skittle
1 green skittle

Then I eat all 5 of the remaining skittles all at one time.

Ahh….. order out of chaos.

-My head is KILLING me. Seriously, I need to know what I did to irritate my brain because WOW I sure am sorry. Took a Tylenol but it didn’t even put a dent in it.

-The heartburn that attacked me so badly the first trimester (and the first half of the second) is back. I had a few week reprieve, but it’s been pretty solid for the last week… I think it’s back to stay. Heartburn medicine does help a bit, I’m just trying not to OD on it.

-Justin and I both predict Benjamin will come early. For different reasons but it will be interesting to see if we’re right or not. We both kind of thought it was a boy, so our track record is pretty good (about time to mess it up, right?).

-Justin’s cousin Chris is predicting Benjamin will be over 9 1/2 pounds. For obvious reasons, I darn near hung up on him. I have no predictions. I’m thinking either just shy of or just over 8 pounds, but I won’t be upset if he’s smaller. The boys on Justin’s side of the family generally has very large babies. I was barely 6 pounds at birth, but I was also premature to a mother who smoked. So we shall see!

-Yesterday Justin and I took a walk with the dog around the neighborhood. We were on one of the main roads and an SUV was driving towards us. All of a sudden, a 10 year old blonde haired kid poked his head and upper torso out the back seat window. I was like, “what the heck is that kid doing!?” and then I heard him yell at the two of us “AARRRRGGG MATEYS!”


It was probably one of the greatest thing a complete stranger has ever yelled at me. I have no idea why he did, but I was so shocked I didn’t even really have a chance to respond before they had driven past. I looked at Justin: “did that really just happen?” Yes. Yes it did.

So this morning, the day we leave for vacation (yay!) Justin and I are laying in bed.  The alarm has gone off, we’re both waking up, and we’re just talking about the day ahead of us.  I’m subconsciously rubbing my stomach, which I do a lot now that there is a little life named Benjamin in there.

“Geeze,” I remark. “Seems like he’s going through a growth spurt now, I swear he’s gotten bigger overnight!”

“Well,” Justin starts in, “he’s kind of like bread, if you think about it.”

“So this is his oven spring?”


“But he’s been in there for a while now, ‘baking,’ as they would say.”

“Yeah but before he wasn’t so much baking as marinating, as being turned from the basic components into something tangible.”

“So early pregnancy is where all the gluten is formed and stuff?”

“You got it!”

I realize this won’t mean much to plenty of you, but I love that my husband can talk my bread language sometimes.  I love that Benjamin is in the oven spring process (which is the start of actual baking, for you non-bread-bakers).  Wooo-hoo!  Just over halfway there!