In honor of Valentine’s Day (which I actually thing is a lame holiday) I saw a few bloggers I read doing this and I thought I’d join them and tell you guys a bit about my hubby and I!

1. How long have you and your significant other been together?
Justin and I started dating in August, 2006.  Our first date was a baseball game!
2. How did you meet?
I worked with this lady named Charla at my old job who had two kids.  We hung out and became friends and before too long I was going to her house to hang out with her kids, go to dance recitals, go to ballgames, that sort of thing.  Her nephew moved in with her a while after we became friends to help with childcare.  Her nephew was this moody guy who didn’t talk a lot who was a little older than I was.  He was completely off my radar but Charla kept telling me about how funny and nice and clever her nephew was.  I would occasionally talk to him at one of the kids ballgames.  He slowly became more of a person and less of a fly on the wall, and one day I realized that there was a lot more to him than met the eye.
3. If married, how long have you been married?
We got married July 24th, 2007, this year will be 5 years! Woohoo!
4. Where did you get married? Big or small wedding? 
We got married at the Arch of Reno wedding chapel in Reno, NV. We eloped, so it was a ridiculously small wedding.
5. Do you have any nick-names that you call one another?
Not really anything other than the usual sweetie, darling, honey, etc.
6. 3 things that I love most about Justin.
Only 3?!  Ok here goes:
1. The lines around his eyes when he smiles.
2. His spaghetti.
3. His passion.
7. How did he propose?
We were sitting in Arby’s eating and talking about our future and we had both kind of expressed the knowledge that we would spend the rest of our lives together.  We were talking about paying for expensive things like wedding and Justin asked me, “We should just elope” and I said “sure.”  It’s not the most romantic proposal you’ll ever hear, but it is one that is perfect for us.
8. Flowers and teddy bear or strawberries, champagne and rose petals for Valentine’s Day?
I don’t really put too much stock in Valentines’s Day.  I can appreciate presents and romance and stuff, but I think it’s silly to only do it one day a year.  It puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on guys to buy their significant other something to represent their feelings.  I like taking a day to celebrate love, but I’d much rather get a present on a random Thursday  for no particular reason (other than my awesomeness).
9. What makes ‘us’ work?
I could say honesty and communication (and those are both true), but the real truth is that “we” work because we balance each other out.  I’m a perpetually happy, outgoing, slightly OCD, way over scheduling, over planning type-A person.  Justin is the absolute opposite.  He is a bi-polar introvert who has little desire or ability to envision the future and literally lives for the now.  I could plan every single day of my life down to the minute and be perfectly happy. If Justin doesn’t have alone time and unscheduled time he gets cranky and stressed. 
In some situations one would think being polar opposites would work to our detriment, but in our case it helps us out.  Justin forces me to slow down and breathe because I have to “plan” downtime and make it a priority in our life.  Sometimes it drives me crazy but it is always beneficial.  And I force Justin to accompany me on social calls – dinner dates and parties and social gatherings.  Which he usually hates, but he goes and knows it is good for him. 
I think if we summarized our relationship that would be the best way to do it.  We’re good for each other.  He is the yin to my yang. 
10. Most romantic thing Justin has ever done for me?
Depends on how you define romance.  He once accompanied me to a fancy restaurant and dressed up and had a miserable time at my expense.  A few days after we got married, he surprised me with a stunning necklace I had admired in the store previously.  Is that romance?  Really?
How about this: He rubs my feet after a long day even though he’s tired.  He kisses me, and holds my hand.  When certain songs come on the radio and I say “Baby dance with me,” he will, even if we’re cooking dinner, even if the baby is fussing and there’s chaos in the house (which there usually is)… he will take me in his arms and dance with me as if I’m the only girl in the world.  At night in the summer when it’s too hot to lean against each other our pinkies intertwine.  At night in the winter he moves his legs so I can place my ice cold feet against them so I can warm up.  He let me play Skyrim first. To me, that’s more romance than dinner or a necklace or flowers.
Happy Valentine’s Day!