I’ve been reading a lot of J-Money‘s blog lately because let’s face it, reading about money can be boring and he makes it interesting. He’s a lot of fun and he challenged people to blog about their bucket list and since I’ve been FAILING at blogging I thought I’d give it a shot. So here it is in its glory – the stuff that’s crossed off is (obviously) the stuff already done. Maybe I’ll actually start saving up for some of this stuff!!

Bucket List

  1. Visit Ireland
  2. Have a natural birth
  3. Take a cruise with my friends
  4. Take a week long vacation with JUST my husband
  5. Learn to salsa dance
  6. Go camping in huge mountains other than in California
  7. Become fluent in Spanish
  8. Do a cartwheel
  9. Visit Marcus and his wife in India
  10. Spend at least 3 days at Cedar Point in Ohio
  11. Go to Yosemite State Park, California (Although since it occurred at night I’m not so sure I should count this)
  12. Go to Disneyland or Disneyworld
  13. Go deer hunting
  14. Participate in La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain
  15. Witness the Aurora Borealis in person
  16. Help someone find faith
  17. Visit all 50 states (at least put my feet on the ground there) Completed: 24/50
  18. Take a beach vacation (twice – Florida w/family and Galveston w/Justin)
  19. Learn some sort of martial arts
  20. Go on a helicopter ride (thank you Blue Santa Program who got me these tickets at auction! Woohoo!)
  21. Ride a mechanical bull
  22. See the Statue of Liberty in person
  23. Hike to the top of something, anything (Enchanted Rock, although I’d still like to hike something a bit higher/harder…)
  24. Adopt a child
  25. Adopt another child (this one only happens if I get my wish to have more than 2 kids…)
  26. Finish a 5k (October 2010)
  27. Visit Philidelphia for Benjamin Franklin historical tours
  28. Eat a Philly Cheesesteak from Philly
  29. Visit Virginia and Washington DC (in the fall) to take in all the history
  30. Learn the locations in the sky and names of 10 constellations
  31. Drive my fully restored Mustang
  32. Own a comfortable pair of high heels (if boots count, which I’m counting them, then this is done)
  33. Take a long distance bike trip
  34. Tour the country on a motorcycle and/or in an RV with my husband (this is a post-retirement goal, FYI)
  35. Make crème brulee (has to be edible and tasty to count!)
  36. Learn how to decorate cakes
  37. Read every Pulitzer Price winner fiction/novel from 1970 to 2010 (and continue, once you make that list) List here
  38. Pay off my house
  39. Renovate my kitchen
  40. Meet my grandchildren
  41. Help build a home with Habitat for Humanity
  42. Help raise suicide awareness
  43. Help fight domestic violence
  44. Sponsor a child in a foreign country until they are adult age
  45. Get paid for my writing to be published (online, via Creditcards.com)
  46. Write a book
  47. Get a book published
  48. Create a no-fail dinner party plan for 10 people
  49. Host Thanksgiving for my entire family
  50. Help someone in a major life-changing way, anonymously