Justin and I are church hunting again. My church that I have loved and attended for several years has had to combine with a larger church in Round Rock for a lot of reasons, my pastor is moving to that church on staff there.

I’m not going to lie to you guys: I’m a little bit heartbroken. These people have loved me and talked to me and given me grace. They held me as I cried over the death of my parents. They gave my brother counseling. They prayed. They brought me food too many times to count: both when my parents died and when Benjamin was born. They fed my body and my soul. They welcomed my family with open arms. They blessed me beyond any ability of mine to repay them. They called to check on me. We broke bread together. We sang Karaoke at Christmas parties and watched children be baptised.

I’m going to miss church there; but I sincerely hope I do not give myself a chance to miss the people. Hopefully I will be able to maintain my relationships with them outside of the confines of Sunday services.

And since this has happened Justin and I have had a chance to talk long and deep about where to go to church now. We’ve talked about what kind of church to go to and what we want that to look like for Benjamin in 10 years. And don’t get me wrong – we will certainly check out the church that our old church merged with – we just want to take this opportunity to look at other churches in the area as well. We don’t really know what the church we are going to go to will look like, but we do know one thing: we want to find a place full of love and unconditional acceptance. Our future church has a great act to follow.