This weekend was a constant stream of boxes back and forth, furniture turned upside down, heart-bursting help from my church and a 103.3 fever that had me scared. In other words, it was a busy weekend and I’m actually VERY glad to be back at work.

We moved this weekend, and at 10am Saturday morning, with the truck backed up on our lawn, we started seeing church members trickle into my house asking how they could help. I am not kidding, we probably had almost 20 people there to help. Pastor Tony brought some kolaches (we had actually bought some too, we wanted to keep everyone fed!) and in ONE HOUR we had all our boxes and furniture (with the exception of the pool table and our bed, which were moved the day before) in the moving truck. Amazing! We drove it over to the new house… everyone came back….and 40 minutes later everything was unloaded and in the correct room. After we were done Tony called Justin and I over into the garage and everyone prayed for us and our new home. I teared up. Every time I doubt I’m where I’m supposed to be God gently kicks me in the face and tells me I just need to realize I’m exactly where I need to be, of course.

Benjamin ran a fever most of the weekend. It started Thursday and went until Sunday morning off and on. It got so bad that we had to give him a cool bath. It was scary. We think it may have been some sort of virus, as he had 0 other symptoms. No noticeable ear problems or anything. And even though he was burning up, he stayed in pretty good spirits. That made me happy, that my son is happy even when he doesn’t feel good. It was a little tiresome to hold him all night each of those nights… but I just remind myself that he is a tiny scared baby who can’t tell me that he needs me close, and he won’t be this way forever. So I enjoyed the snuggle time and made the best of it.

Right now my house is in sad disarray, but I’m so excited about the house that I don’t mind. There are boxes everywhere and lots of little things to do, but I’m already enjoying being in “my” home. Most of the kitchen is unpacked, but the pantry still needs work. My room is a mess of boxes and bags of clothing and Benjamin’s room (which is kind of the most unpacked room of the house right now) still needs rearranging. I’m hoping to get my room unpacked this week.

I’m about to go back to dayshift, which is awesome and happy and exciting for me. We worked out an arrangement with my mother-in-law to watch Benjamin on the days Justin and I both work. We have yet to decide if we are going to stay on the same weekends off, but I’m leaning towards us having different weekends off to limit the babysitting she needs to do and also give us each time on the weekend with just Benjamin and either Mommy or Daddy. I think that time will be more important later on, and any weekends we want to do things together I can usually request off from work with a little bit of notice. But we shall see. It’s also nice of us to have weekends off together to go do things. There are a lot of pros/cons we have to figure out, but thankfully we can decide that stuff later on. After we unpack!

One of the most important things for us to do right now is organize and purge. We very desperately need organization in the house to ensure sanity in the coming years. Purging will help with that. So we’re on a mission to simplify our lives and I’m excited about the prospects.

If I can manage, sometime in the next week or two I’ll try to get some before/after pics of the house. It’s AWESOME, you guys. Seriously.