Oof.  Tired does not BEGIN to adequately describe how I feel right now.  My lower back is killing me, my shoulders hurt, my forearms are screaming and my neck is kinked.

And I’m incredibly happy and blessed through it all.

We closed on our house on Tuesday the 1st of March and are very proud home owners of a 1984 home in Buttercup Creek subdivision in Cedar Park.  I’m ecstatic to live in the city I work for, I have been wanting to move there since I realized how awesome the city was ran.  I”m excited about Benjamin being able to grow up here, I’m excited to build our lives here, honestly I’m just excited.

But man, what a bunch of (expensive) work.  The house we bought had a major downside to it, well, two actually: popcorn ceilings and UGLY interior paint.  I mean, imagine the ugliest brown you can imagine, then mix that with the color of poo.  Seriously.  It’s not pretty.  And it made the house dark and dungeon-y looking.  So we decided that if the offer we had made was accepted we would take the time to paint and remove popcorn before moving in…. popcorn is one of those things that is SO messy you really only get one shot at it: when you move in.  So – we get the house.  We buy the scrapers.  And we scrape. And scrape. And sand. And spackle.  And sand. And scrape.  After doing that pretty much constantly on Wednesday-Saturday we finally had it pretty much done.  I am so thankful for my brother-in-law and mother-in-law. They are awesome and have been with me during every day (everyone else helped too this weekend as they were able!)

Cory (my other brother-in-law) has several years experience painting, so he was going to knock out the ceilings today.  He rented a professional quality sprayer. It didn’t work. He took it back and got another. It didn’t work. So he got ANOTHER. And that worked.  Finally.  So we got the first primer coat and then got to see all the imperfections we previously missed.  So we spackled (again).  And we were out of sandpaper, so I ran to Home Depot and got the wrong stuff – I got the mesh paper instead of sandpaper because it supposedly lasts 5x longer than sandpaper… apparently that is because it works like crap.  Dang it!  So we are (temporarily) defeated.

New plan is to mask the heck out of the downstairs and scrape popcorn this week.  Cory will come in next Sunday and primer the entire downstairs and the ceilings upstairs (we aren’t painting the bedrooms for now, just the ceilings).  Then we just have to paint.

Did I mention I’m exhausted?

I just keep reminding myself… this will eventually be done.  Even though it doesn’t feel like it right now.  And at the end of this I will have a beautiful home to collapse in.