We were talking about Rescue 911 today, remember that old show? Aired in the late 80s, early 90s? I used to LOVE that show. Even as a young kid I would watch with fascination as another life was saved, as another intruder broke into a home only to be caught minutes later. I am deeply, emotionally affected by the human spirit and the fight within each of us so shows like that are way up my alley (also, shows like Extreme Home Makeover? I can’t watch them – I just sob.) Anyways. So I loved the show, and now I work for 911 and love every day at my job. It truly is an integral and essential part of who I am.

There isn’t really a lot of stuff aimed at dispatchers as far as merchandising. Which is fair – there are way fewer dispatchers than Officers or Firefighters or EMTs, and we’re kind of the “behind the scenes heroes” – not the guys on the front lines. We all realize that, and it’s just something we’re aware of. You’ll never see a “Dispatcher’s Bible” or a cool statue of US saving someones life.

So imagine my surprise when I found a RESCUE 911 PINBALL MACHINE. Can I just say “OMGOKJSDFL:KJ@E$()@#U*$”

I want one. Badly. It would be perfect in my game room! It’s beautiful! It has little telephones on it and fire trucks and…and… and… *hyperventilates*.

There are only a few around still. Some of them are even for sale. If Justin ever asks you guys want I want for Christmas/Birthday/etc… forget diamonds. I want this pinball machine.