I have gotten so excited about buying a house that I COMPLETELY forgot that Patrick Rothfuss’ second book in the Kingkiller Chronicles (The Wise Man’s Fear) comes out the same day I close on the house. It’s not fair, really. I’m not sure how in the world I’m going to manage THAT.

The Wise Man’s Fear is going to be one of those books that needs to be savored and enjoyed, so I think as MUCH as I want to read it nownownownownownow, I’m going to have to wait and reward myself with it after I get moved in. But really, ridiculously excited. I’ve waited to read that book since I read the first one (The Name of the Wind) in late 2007 or early 2008. Fantastic fiction that every single one of you should go read. Seriously. Go. NOW. That way you can be excited about March 1st too!

As a brief recap of things not related to my book obsession (by the way, this is the first book I’ll actually be buying for my e-reader!):

-My son Benjamin just started crawling! I really need to upload some pictures, but I also really need to pack up my 1200 sq foot house. I’m sure you see where my priorities are.
-I have to pack up a 1200 sq foot house 😦
-Justin and I really want this picture in our living room! We like it. It is pretty. And very “us.”
-We are getting the new house popcorn tested for asbestos. Just in case. Most asbestos in popcorn should have stopped in 1978, but around here it’s been seen in houses all the way to 1986, and my house is 1984, so it’s worth the 50 bucks to get it tested. We will hopefully know Friday if we’ll be able to do it ourselves. I can’t WAIT for the house to be de-popcorned and painted. It will look SO much better.
-Speaking of, I have to de-popcorn a house. And paint it. I’m really glad I have help.
-I need to find babysitters. Or a respirator for an 8 month old! Just kidding. Sort of.
-Some days I miss my parents so bad I can’t hardly take a breath. Especially on days where Benjamin gives me a big hug and I want to put him in their arms. The 2 year anniversary of their death is coming up (March 4th, actually) and I’m hoping that I will get to see some of my family that day because I really could use a hug from some of them (Aunt Lynn and Aunt Tina I am looking at you).
-I had found these AMAZING purple wall sconces and I had to wait till I got paid, and I just checked, and they’ve been sold. I’m heartbroken 😦
-I just spent a ridiculous amount of money on Amazon but got lots of stuff to help make a house a home (ladder, painters tape, paint sprayer, home repair book, etc). It’s still pretty much impossible to believe that in 5 days I’ll be a homeowner.
-I have vacation time coming up at work, you know, so I can move into a house. I’m really looking forward to the time off.
-My schedule at work very likely will change in the next few months involving a change I am very happy and very sad about…. but one that will hopefully give me more time with my family.
-My life has been reduced to bullet point lists for now. Oddly enough, I find great comfort in it.