After countless, ridiculous hours spent browsing the Internet for ideas about design and color, I finally found a website that describes perfectly what we are going for color-wise within our home:

“Paralleling the ‘earth friendly’ movement as well is an earthy collection of soft green, smoke blue, sand, mauve, lemon and copper. These colors work well with Middle Eastern rugs and follow along with exotic accents such as African Statuary. Patterns that reflect this trend will be batiks, paisleys and ikat.”
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Except take out the exotic accents and add natural accents like seagrass baskets. Also, probably not so much with the paisleys and ikat, but who knows?

It was kind of liberating to see my color choices actually talked about on a blog. Yes, my house will have color. Lots of it.

Everyone keeps telling me to stick with two or three colors max, and I would like to do that for the primary colors (greens/blues/browns) but I will definitely have some bolder colors in a few rooms. You’ll just have to wait and see…. and I’ll just have to hope they work out. If they don’t I’ve already decided I’m going to be OK with painting multiple times if necessary. Our theory is: paint now, before we move in (since we literally have to paint the ENTIRE downstairs, including the ceiling) and go as crazy as we want with the colors, and if we want to change later on we always can.

When I picture it in my head, I love it. There may be some orange and purple in there amongst those primary colors…. but think tiny specks of purple with just an oranger brown than is used in other places. And those are not the same room, for those of you that were about to have a heart attack.

I know I’m being vague.

But I’ll be honest: I might hate it.

It may be hideous at first.

That’s OK.

We can always paint over the horrible stuff and start over.

By the way, if you live local and have any paint supplies you wouldn’t mind lending, and/or are willing to hang out with me and mine the first weekend of March (for popcorn scraping and painting) or the third weekend (for moving!) then please let me know. I’d love the help and company!

We close in 10 days!