Things are trucking along. Inspection went well, although a few items need to be fixed before our loan would go through – mostly things that are “conducive to termite infestation.” No sign of termites, but breeding ground for them. Plus a few minor plumbing and a/c stuff. Was nice to see the HVAC and water heating systems were both less than 2 years old. Score! Anyways, my realtor and the other realtor worked together to get bids from a few different companies for the work. Now we’re waiting on final approval from the homeowner to get the work done. Her realtor thinks she’ll just sign off on the stuff.

It’s ridiculous how much goes into buying a home. I remember being told that and hearing about it, but now that I’m actually going through it I’m like “oh, yeah, that’s true.” I’m just trucking along waiting for the go-ahead to start picking out paint colors.

SPEAKING OF PAINT COLORS. You guys, I’m really obsessive. Ridiculously, bordering-on-unhealthy, unbelievably obsessive. I have been looking at half the internet and about a hundred design blogs trying to decide what I want to do with my house. The thing is, I love color. But I don’t want my house to be over-the-top either. I want flow, and beauty, and what-not. it seems like there is this elusive difference between homes that are “together” and homes that are not. I’m not sure what the difference is, but you can always tell when you are in those homes. Right now my only style is “shabby-yard-sale.” Not even any chic to the shabby! I have a long way to go!

But back to the paint colors, the house is currently a ridiculously depressing color of poop-brown. I’ve pretty much got all the replacement colors picked out in my head. There is a surprising amount of orange and yellow in my plans (but usually just as accent colors). I’d bore you with details, but not until I can share pictures. And I’m not sharing pictures just yet. It will be too heartbreaking if the deal falls through. I will tell you that it includes grey-blue, sage green, the color of cherry blossoms and purple. Yes, I said purple. Oh, and orange, did I mention orange? Not all of that in one room, mind you. I will share the base color we decided on though: the color of White Sands, New Mexico. We are going to try to find a color that matches it, if not, we’ll get it color matched. It’s a rich yet calming color that makes my heart happy when I see it. We’ll use that on the baseboards, the hallways, and the stairwell. Tie the house in together, and whatnot.

When we close on the house, I will show pictures. In the meantime, I’ll continue obsessing, quietly, here in the corner. Don’t mind me.