For those of you that follow me on twitter or facebook, Justin and I have been house hunting for the past several months. Looking for a place to call our “own.” We had a few close calls – houses we really liked but the offers fell through – one of which was particularly sad because if we’d bought it I think it would have qualified for theft with the deal we were going to get. But alas, it was not to be.

Until now. Maybe.

See, holy batman, buying a house is crazy. Because you make the offer, and then you have to wait for them to review the offer. Then they accept the offer (or counter), but then they have to send you even more paperwork, and then you have to give them money, and THEN you have to get the inspection and make sure the house isn’t falling apart. And then the bank has to have it appraised and make sure you’re not paying too much. And then assuming your check didn’t bounce, the inspection is good (or fixable) and the bank likes the numbers, THEN you get to close on the house. At least a month after you made the original offer.

Aye aye aye.

So we’re in the early stages of that with an adorable house in the city I love, Cedar Park. Inspection is Friday. And I have a feeling this one will go through. It’s owner-to-seller, which is a bit nicer than the bank-to-seller that we were experiencing before. They accepted our offer 3 hours after we put it in. The house we’re in contract with is the exact same floor plan as a house I LOVED two streets away that was about 25k out of our budget.. the only difference is this house is desperately in need of a paint job and some minor repairs. Justin and I were totally OK with getting a fixer-upper and we really love the neighborhood this house is in.

I’m hesitantly insanely excited. I’m trying not to get my hopes up because with the other house we were looking at I was stressing myself out trying to pick cabinet colors and wall designs and we didn’t end up getting it. So I don’t want to do that again. Justin keeps telling me I need to relax, and breathe, and realize I have to do things one at a time. He said if I keep looking at pictures online I’m going to explode my brain.

But, off the top of my head, here are the few things we have to/want to do before we move in:
-Paint. Everything. Oh man, you want to talk about a bad paint job, the entire downstairs is painted in poop-brown. It’s hideous. The master bedroom is radioactive yellow. I’d like to be able to pick out colors, but honestly I think we’re just going to have to blanket everything in white for now. It will mean double painting later on, but I don’t know what colors I want the walls just yet. If I can’t figure it out in the next month, white (or slightly off white) it is.
-Master bath floor. The master bath and the kitchen both need to have the linoleum replaced (preferably with tile!) but the master is the only one that HAS to have it done now, it’s got a pretty decent sized hole that needs to be repaired otherwise we’ll be looking at eventual rot issues. Again, I have to choose between doing it the right way the first time or doing it cheap (i.e. just replacing linoleum) so we can save up to decide over time what to do.
-Popcorn ceilings. Justin and I hate popcorn ceilings, and this house pretty much has them everywhere. Ick. Removing popcorn is a pain, we know, but it’s also something that isn’t nearly as much of a pain if you do it before you move in. So… if we want them gone, we should do it now vs. later.
-Paint the cabinets in the kitchen. They’re ugly. They’d be pretty white. Or cream. Haven’t decided yet, but leaning towards cream for warmth…

The other things I can think off off the top of my head:
-Kitchen counter. They installed a sink that was too big, or too heavy, and as a result there is a tiny crack in the counter space near the sink. Not so big that it has to be replaced right away, but definitely big enough that it will keep growing and needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. I’ve got my ideas picked out, I just have to find the right color and price. If you’re curious, I’m leaning towards doing white or cream cabinets with blue silestone for the countertops and blue trim. IF I decide to add a backsplace it will be blue glass mosaic tiles. Not sure on the floor yet. But I’m happy about the blue/cream idea, I think it will be very calming and beautiful… it’s a small space too, so the lighter color cabinets will help open it up.
-Entertainment stand. Justin and I want to build out from the fireplace and make something streamline that goes from floor to ceiling that will house the TV (above the fireplace) as well as keep the Xbox, PS3 and wires all hidden from the living area. We just are sick of clutter. I’m not sure how to do that, I saw a picture in a design magazine and I fell in love. We shall see if we can figure it out.

We’ll eventually have to get around to picking out what style we are, but I’m pretty sure I already know. Justin is modern. I am casual vintage eclectic… i.e. not modern at all. But I also like very clean open areas, so I think we’ll be able to come to some sort of crazy modern casual look with little tiny hints of eclecticness. I hope.

I would love a beautiful home, but I honestly just don’t have any skill at all in that area. It will definitely be a work in progress. I think that’s why we’ll be taking the cheap/quick way initially.. that way we can really live in and experience the space before we make any drastic changes or upgrades.

Anyways. Excited. Hesitantly.

p.s. See what my husband means about me needing to relax and breathe?!