The new year is starting off pretty good. Justin’s grandparents came in to town for the new year, and we had a GREAT visit. They adore Benjamin and we adore them, so it was a really fun, relaxing weekend with them. They went to church with us on Sunday, and it was the first time in I don’t know how long that all my guys were there (including DH and both Bro-in-law!). It’s hard to put into words how much it means to me to see them in church.

Justin and I only made one resolution this year – and it’s not so much a resolution as a dedicated focus. We’re dedicated and focused on improving our relationship with God. Figuring out who he is, who we are as a result of that, and how that affects our day to day life. If we’re not confident in who we are in Jesus, we realize the problem with trying to show that to Benjamin. One thing my parents taught me is that while false piety works for a while, if you don’t deal with your issues it eventually bubbles over. So, imagine my surprise when I mentioned some classes my church is starting and Justin encouraged us both to attend them. Because of our schedules he can’t always go to the morning one, and I can’t always go to the evening one, so we are going to try to each go to one and just share the information. It means putting aside time out of our already insanely ridiculous busy weekends to attend classes, and it means less sleep for me on my long weekends (and being at church an hour earlier on my weekends off!) but it also sounds like the classes might be really great, and a good opportunity for us to grow.

This is so far out of Justin’s comfort zone I don’t even know where to begin. But, like he said, this is what we want to do and this requires sacrifice. Honestly, I’m kind of shocked that he was willing to do something like this, especially since he is going to the class at a house. He pretty much always feels awkward in acquaintance’s homes. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve known them… unless they’re family he’s going to have a bit of anxiety about it. So this is a HUGE step for Justin. I hope it helps, I hope we gain some wisdom and knowledge and faith along the way. If not we’ll keep trying till we figure something out.

I feel like I am putting extra (good) pressure on myself to really be dedicated to this – if he’s willing to step THAT far out of his comfort zone, then what am I willing to do?