Day 7 – Someone who has made your life worth living for
I thought about this a long time because I know all the standard answers. God, Jesus, my children, my spouse, my best friend, but you know what? *I* made my life worth living for. Me. My existance in and of itself. I am worth living for. I am important enough and good enough and awesome enough to continue justifying my existance within myself.

And you know what? YOU are worth living for. Because you’re you. Because there is so much awesome inside you that you haven’t even tapped yet. Yes, live for God and for your children and your spouse and your best friend and your neighbor and the little old lady down the street who always waves at you even though half the time you see her you’re grumpy and trying to fix your hair before leaving your subdivision.

But live for yourself, too. Please. Recognize your worth. You are a beautiful, beautiful creation and you have so much to offer to people. You have hopes and dreams and things to laugh about and stories to tell. You have lessons you’ve learned and lessons you’re learning. You have been through tragedy, heartbreak and more than a few moments of grace. You’ve survived those and you can survive these. Because you’re awesome. Please take a minute and let yourself feel good about who you are. You’re not perfect. But you’re you.

And THAT, my friend, is worth living for.