The lovely Divacowgirl is doing 30 days of truth and I’ve needed to find some way to increase my blogging so I decided to jump on board. I’m a few days behind, so days 1-3 are going to be included today. You can find the list here.

Day 1 –Something you hate about yourself
I don’t really hate much. I dislike, I strongly dislike sometimes, but I very rarely hate. I suppose if I had to pick something that I disliked the most, it would be my inclination to be lazy. I’m really a very, very lazy person. My bedroom has been a disaster area for weeks now and I can’t bring myself to clean it up even though most of it is my fault. And it has nothing to do with being a new mom; it has everything to do with me being lazy. I’ve tried to make schedules, I’ve tried flylady, but I just can’t bother to get up and not be lazy 99% of the time.

Day 2 –Something you love about yourself
I love my sense of humor. It drives my husband crazy sometimes, but it’s through my sense of humor that I have had some of my best and most favorite moments with my best friend Amy. I love that I can laugh at silly things, and ridiculous things, at intelligent things and at silly things. I love that I can tell an hour long joke during a car ride that has people trying to escape from my car in agony. I’m a big fan of laughter so as long as it’s clean and not racist, bring it on.

Day 3 –Something you have to forgive yourself for
I wouldn’t say I need to forgive myself, but I do need get over my dislike of conflict. I really can’t stand conflict in any shape it comes in. The problem comes in then that I avoid it at all costs, even to the ultimate end of not standing up for myself when I should. At this point in my life I’d make a pretty bad supervisor because I can’t stand to give people criticism –even when they deserve it –because I’m so afraid of hurting their feelings. I try to compliment the hell out of them and squeeze a little criticism in the middle of it so they won’t be offended or hurt. I’m hurting them and hurting myself in the process. No one benefits from my cowardice.

I need to get over it.