So late. And technically some of these are after the 4 month mark, but I won’t tell anyone if you won’t. Enjoy!

Justin feeding Benjamin while Lucky looks out for them.

He is absolutely in love with his Jumparoo!

I love this picture so much. My sweet sleeping Benjamin!

Hey Mom! I discovered my feet!!

Nap time for Jammin AND Mommy!

Giggling with Daddy!

I’m not happy ALL the time…

…but for the most part, I’m a fun kid!

He sleeps through the night after a few nights of rough sleep training, he’ll be introduced to solid food once I get the cover for the high chair sewn, and he loves playing and smiling and laughing.  Still not a fan of naps, but he takes them eventually 😉  Parenthood is crazy and fun and emotional and I love it.