Core dump, because I need to .

Marriage: Awesome, as usual. Justin and I took a lovely 3 day/2 night trip to Galveston before I started back to work. We stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast and spent a ridiculous time people watching at the beach. We had an absolute blast. Benjamin stayed with my cousin Teresa and behaved himself.

Benjamin: Holding his head up like a champ! He likes to play flying baby and he spends a lot of time sitting with Mommy on the couch watching Daddy play call of duty. We’ll discuss the merits of infants watching video games later. He doesn’t cry when we watch Daddy, so it works. Justin is desperately trying to get him to say “Dada” as his first word, and it’s so cute I hope it works. We’re slowly starting to integrate sign language into our communication with him. We know it’s early but we figure if we get into the habit now, it will be easier for us later. I’m still not able to exclusively breastfeed; apparently the trauma of the end of last month was just too much. I’m drinking the nasty tea, I’m taking the fenugreek and still seeing very, very, very minor (if any) changes. But thank God I’m still able to provide a little – I know so many who can’t – so for now he’s a breastfed/formula fed baby. And he seems pretty happy with that. He’s definitely happy he’s getting fed enough food now, that’s for sure!!

Work: I started back to work last week and it’s amazing and fun and just as great as I remember. I will say it again: I don’t think I could happily be a stay at home mom. I am truly a better person for working the job I work and I can’t imagine not doing it.

God: I’ve been reading my bible almost every day for the past few months and it’s been pretty amazing. I’m actually reading parts I haven’t read in years (like Job and 2 Corinthians) and remembering how much I love them. I also just started an intense study on Daniel with some ladies at church and so far it’s pretty awesome. We meet on Tuesday afternoons and I only get to go on my days off because really? An extra 2 hours without sleep on Tuesdays just wouldn’t work for me. But the study at home is awesome and I’m really enjoying looking at scripture more in depth.

The other day Justin and I were talking about how we feel like we’re wasting some of the gifts God has given us – but neither of us know how to start utilizing them better. Not to mention when to find the time. But it’s something we’re thinking about and praying about and we’re just hoping God will help us figure out what to do.

Health/Etc: Ooof. Here’s the big one. Working on changing my diet (not going on a diet, but changing my habits) and exercising more to bring my weight to a healthy number. Right now it is not a healthy number. I’ve never been one to obsess about the number, but I would like the size of my pants to decrease, ergo, must lose weight. I’m working on a modified version of Atkins.

Let me tell you. I did Atkins back when it was a popular fad diet (my dad was a diabetic, he did it, sue me, I lost 35 lbs on it!) and the Atkins of today is not the Atkins of yesterday. This focuses on whole foods, lots of veggies and drastically increased the allowed carb count for the first phase of dieting. Due to breastfeeding (and not wanting to lose too much weight too fast) I’m skipping their first phase and going straight to what they call “ongoing weight loss.” So far I’m down 15 lbs since early August. I’m going for slow and steady here so even though I COULD be losing more I’m not trying to. Although my weight loss will definitely increase in the next few weeks as I am going to start… dun dun dun… training to run a 5k!

Ok. “RUN” is a bit of a strong word for what I’ll be doing – most likely just jogging and walking. I’m going to be following Fitness Magazine’s “Beginner Training Plan: 6 weeks to a 5k” and I’m starting it…. in 4 hours. Nervous am I, yes. Last time I tried running I got shin splints that WOULD NOT GO AWAY. I’m hoping this time I can prevent them, and I’ll also be working out on a treadmill so that should help. I’m nervous. I’m writing about it so you guys can keep me motivated. The 5k is to benefit Officer Reed’s family and I really want to help them out any way I can. It’s good incentive when I’m already signed up for the race, ya know? Kind of have to prepare now!

The bonus here is that I get acclimated to running, which is something that I’ve always wanted to do but never been able to manage for a cornucopia of different reasons. Forget “choosing an exercise you enjoy!” I chose the one I’m the most scared of. Heaven help me!

Anyways. Justin said if I get down to a target weight that I’ve set that he will take a dance class with me. Yes, I do have the best husband ever, and no you can’t have him. 🙂 It’s good motivation for me because I love dancing and am absolutely terrible at it. Once I get down to a healthy weight for myself I’ll re-evaluate my diet and see if I want to stick with the eating plan I’m on or if I want to change it to one that has more carbs. So far I’m doing good limiting myself to “real” food – I’m not doing any of the bars, or using any of the super-processed-fake-foods that Atkins and the other brands have. In fact, I just saw some fake low-carb flour but it had so many ingredients I couldn’t pronounce I didn’t even consider it. Boo on fake food! Yay on being healthy!

I’ll let you know how my exercise goes this week. And if I can, I’m going to try to keep updating a bit more often.

We shall see.