Benjamin and I are sick. I’ll fill everyone in on the fun stuff later, but we got sick while vacationing in California. Somehow between camping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and staying in the valley we got a bug, or an allergic reaction, or something. Mine is definitely an infection in my head that might have moved into my lungs – I won’t know for sure till tomorrow, I think I’m going to have to go to the doctor. Benjamin is fine most of the time, but at night especially he has been sounding really congested and stuffy. He’s really too young to get medicine so all we have been able to do is keep his airway open and keep an eye on him. No fever, so it’s possible it’s still just allergies he’s having a hard time kicking…. but again, I’ll know more tomorrow because he has a doctor’s appointment.

The downsides to this sickness are as follows: I know that they’re going to put me on an antibiotic if I go to the doctor, which will open up a huge amount of health issues for Benjamin and I in regards to nursing. But that’s besides the point anyways, because he hasn’t been able to nurse the past few days because he doesn’t breathe as easy laying down. And I can pump and feed it to him, but my supply has seen a decline since this all started and I’m not sure what the culprit is. It’s incredibly frustrating. I took some sudafed, which has been known to affect milk supply, but I only took ONE dose (and I really needed it, I felt like my head was going to pop because of the pressure) and that was 2 days ago and my supply is still going down. I’m drinking enough water, eating healthy, and still problems.

I’m seriously frustrated. But, as long as everyone can be healthy (or on the way to healthy) by next weekend I’ll be happy. Because next Wednesday (September 8th) I return to work. I’m excited but nervous, and I definitely have to be on the ball when I go back. So we’ll see what happens.