Last night Benjamin screamed for HOURS. NOTHING helped. It was the first time I really grieved for being unable to help him – nothing I was doing was helping, I could just hold him while he screamed. It was some crazy gas issues. I tried to martyr myself for having a cup of coffee with girlfriends yesterday evening, but everything I’ve read online says that babies sometimes just have gas issues, regardless of what Mom eats. Nevertheless, that was NOT an experience I’d like to repeat…ever. So we were up till 5 or so, finally fell asleep in the chair in the living room just in time to get woken up at 8 by contractors coming to work on the ceiling in the dining room / pool room. They’re scheduled to be here all week, and it’s a darn good thing the owners offered us half off on rent for the inconvenience because WOW WHAT AN INCONVENIENCE. Pounding and banging and power tools, oh my. AND of course they were loudest that they’ve been so far this morning, starting at 8:30 until 11. Thanks, guys. Because I totally got a good night of rest last night. Yeah.

I am thankful that we’ve been conditioning Benjamin to hear noises when he’s sleeping…. even though I could hardly sleep he was able to stay asleep through most of it. And now, at 3:30, they’re back at it! But I’ve got him napping on my legs and even though they’re 10 feet away he’s still sleeping. Thank you Jesus. Of course I’m sure part of that is just sheer exhaustion, he’s got to be tuckered out still from all that screaming. I need to be sleeping with him in case tonight is the same as last night but I still haven’t eaten today and I’ve got laundry to do. Tomorrow is our 6 week appointment with the midwife to clear me for normal life and check up on Benjamin… so if tonight is a repeat you KNOW I’ll be saying something. If I can speak coherently by that point.

Sorry I’m complaining. Other than that life is great and Benjamin is smiling and laughing a little each day (usually). It’s pretty cool.