Well, I am happy to report that we survived the entire first month mostly intact. Benjamin’s mostly a happy baby, who fusses when he has gas, when we’re trying to get him to sleep, and if something’s wrong, but usually no other times. He enjoys bath time (usually) but starts crying afterwards when the cruel, cold world attacks his wet skin. Uncle Cory is warming up to a baby in the house, and Uncle Jim is my hero for always being willing to hold the baby for a bit when he’s fussy. We’ve settled on “Jammin” as a nickname – we’d been calling him “Ben-Jammin” for a while and eventually dropped the Ben part. We still call him Benjamin sometimes, but Jammin is pretty much the family name for him around here. I found him a pair of socks that have music notes and say “Jammin.”

We’ve mostly settled into a routine, Justin is back to work and I’m loving my time off. I’ll definitely be ready to go back to work though, I miss it already! The more time I spend at home the more time I realize that going back to work is the right decision for me – as much as I love spending time with him, as hard as it will be to leave him for 12 hours, I love my job and will be happy to go back.

I wanted to share a few pictures from his first month. You can see the whole set here.

Bath time!
His first “real” bath. We didn’t bother with one of the fancy baby tubs so we put a towel down in the tub and called it fair. He fussed a bit the first time but doesn’t seem to mind baths TOO much, which makes me happy. He’s pretty chill.

Tummy time!
This is him doing tummy time. He likes tummy time in the beginning, this was taken when he was DONE with tummy time! He’s able to lift his head up a bit during tummy time and can move his head from side to side. So far his progression is pretty normal 🙂

Mommy and Benjamin
Justin took this without my knowledge 🙂 He’d been fussy and I finally put him to sleep on my chest and went to bed myself. Mommy needs sleep too, you know!

Daddy and Benjamin
I actually took this the morning before Justin took my picture – he was on baby duty in the early morning while I ran errands and I came home and saw them all sleeping. Lucky had been sleeping too, but by the time I grabbed the camera he woke up. I’m just glad he stayed on the couch to be in the picture. They make an absolutely adorable trio 🙂

This was taken July 15th, on his 1 month birthday. I’m going to try to take pictures at each month with Winnie the Pooh so we can see the size progression.

Anyways, things are good! We’re happy!