Ok, I’m posting these nursery pictures because I love what we did but the nursery is NOT DONE! We still need a crib.  We will get a crib, but not until a few days after Benjamin is born because it’s traveling from my sister-in-law in Magnolia and it won’t probably make it before he gets here.  It’s not worth an extra trip for someone since I have the pack-n-play in my bedroom for the first few weeks (at least) anyways.  Also, the nursery is missing the rocker we have, but that’s because it’s currently in regular use in the living room.  That will probably end up in my room initially anyways.  So, keep in mind that it’s still in progress.  We haven’t added maternity pictures to the walls yet either, but we’ll probably add some of them in the room when we develop pictures next.  So, all that disclaimer, now, pictures!

First, lets look at how it was before:

The curio cabinet has a TON of knickknacks that are now boxed up in my garage. I will eventually be strong enough to part with some of my mom’s treasures, but that day is not today or tomorrow or probably anytime soon.  There’s a huge couple of boxes of CDs that still need to be gone through, and the chair is at my friends David and Judy’s house, David is repairing some damage to the wood for me.  The jumparoo is a bit big, but that was a gift from my friend Alyssa and has already been utilized by visiting relatives and I fully anticipate getting a lot of use out of it.

Bookcase.  The only thing different with this is the stuff on top has been relocated and the stacks of books have somewhat been re-organized.  The two shelves on the left are all my fiction and the shelf on the right is all my non-fiction.  And no, that’s not all the books I own, but it is most of them. Thankfully.  I refuse to relocate these bookshelves, do you have any idea how long it took me to get these suckers together and all those books alphabetized? Yeah, I don’t know either but it was a LONG TIME.

Yeah. Stuff was broken.  There were sweaters.  Backpacks. Crazy stuff.  Maracas.  Amazing framed art by Frank Wu (I moved that piece off my wall because the glass broke but I have several of his pieces on my walls; he’s incredible!)

So now lets take a tour of the room….

…this is the view of the door to his room…

This is what you see as soon as you open the door:

To the left you’ll see the crib mattress leaning against the wall. As you guys know we went for a science theme.  So there’s a chemistry poster, a cloud poster, and against the back wall some random stuff about science experiments.  The solar system mobile is AWESOME and put together by Justin and I.

Over here is the changing table and the toybox.  Also, beautiful diagrams of the cell and the periodic table of elements.  Note the border: it reminds me of the borders from my science classroom as a child.

And yes, Benjamin has a toybox, but it mostly has stuffed animals and spoons and outlet protectors in it for now.  Oh! And in the corner is my AWESOME handmade diaper bag from Babyness Custom Designs.  It’s halfway packed with stuff to go to the birthing center with me, so it’s out and about.  I can’t wait to really start using all this crazy stuff.

This is the closet.  Got the boys to fix the doors.  Top shelves are clothes from Alyssa that won’t fit yet, second shelf is thick blankets and my iron (since the ironing board is against the back of the door and won’t be leaving there anytime soon) along with sheets and thin blankets.  The clothes are self-explanatory, that’s just the 0-3 months for the most part.  In the black crate thing I have more clothes, books, and random other baby stuff.  And my chicken dance Elmo.  Because doesn’t every baby need a chicken dance Elmo?

Here’s a close up of the mobile.  It will hang slightly over the crib.  We did this today and I am SO FREAKING PROUD of it!  We hand painted everything, which was fun and slightly messy and probably good practice for elementary school.

I made Justin do the earth. He is WAY more artistic than I am.  He wasn’t super happy with it, but I think he did an AMAZING job considering we had standard cheap paint and brushes.  You’re looking at Africa.  I love the clouds.

So, there ya go.  Our nerdy, nerdy nursery.  When we get the crib we’ll also get some awesome bedding that is science/astronomy themed and will match the diaper bag.  It will fit nicely with the mobile.

I hope you guys enjoyed the tour of his room.  We’re really, really, really happy with how it turned out. And you can see the flickr set here if you’re so inclined.

Now I just need a super-cute baby to put in the room!