I’m quickly getting to the impatient-i-want-the-baby-out-and-here stage.

The past few days I have had to continually remind myself not to worry and freak out.  Benjamin moves like CRAZY!  I know people keep telling me that the bigger the babies get the more dramatic the movements seem, but I have seriously watched his body move from one side of my stomach area to the other. It’s by far one of the freakiest things I’ve ever seen.  One of his favorite times to move around is when I’m sitting in my comfy chair in front of the TV watching Highlander.  He bounces around and has a grand time in my tummy.  And just before bed he usually wakes up and does a few rotations before settling down for the night.

I was pretty concerned he was actually getting out of the head-down position – especially at night when I was laying on my back when I would first lay down… but I think it was more him switching posterior/anterior than changing from head down.  I keep being reminded that once they’re head down they generally stay head down, so I’m counting on that being true!

I’m not worrying anymore.  If he’s moving around that much then he’s obviously not uncomfortable enough for me to be ready to give birth. Dang it!

It’s pretty painful when I accidentally run my stomach into, well, anything at all.  The skin is all tight and stretchy and funny shaped, but I’m OK with it because as soon as Benjamin gets out I’ll be bathing it in Vitamin E oil.

He’s hanging out pretty low as far as I can tell.  Of course, it seems like he’s been low the whole time but now he really seems lower. I hate to say he’s “dropped” since I don’t really know how to tell (and it’s different for different people) but since I haven’t had any of the rib kicking and major difficulty breathing I think I’ve been pretty lucky.

I keep waiting for it to get terrible, like everyone says, but it hasn’t been.  It’s been uncomfortable, sure, but nothing major and nothing as bad as the horror stories.  I haven’t passed out or broken a rib or bruised from the inside or had him throwing ‘bows internally.  I’m hoping that trend of not-as-bad-as-I-heard continues for the remainder of the pregnancy (specifically the birth).  We shall see.

I’m still slightly terrified about the whole labor thing, in the healthy way that women are.  I don’t expect a painless delivery or anything, but I do wish I had a better idea of what to expect.  To my knowledge I haven’t had any braxton-hicks contractions, no real contractions, no nothing.  The only reason I know I’m going to have a baby soon is because it hurts to walk because he’s so low, my calendar says so, and this feeling inside of me that says so.  Well, all of that and the fortune cookie I got yesterday at lunch: “You will be graced by the presence of a loved one soon.”

How soon is soon? Is soon like, a week away? Two weeks? Three? A few days?

I’m not really too worried. I’ve got plenty of work to keep me busy until he gets here, and plenty of naps to sneak in before I become a sleep-deprived mama.  I’ll get pictures of the nursery on here, hopefully before he gets here but no promises.  I don’t want to post pictures until the nursery is done, and I’m still waiting on a few small things before it’s “finished.”

For now I’m just going to keep bouncing on my birth ball, taking frequent naps and reminding myself that sometime in June I’ll get to meet my son.