Last night Justin and I went to a park in Leander with our friend and photographer Chad (of Image Studios).  Chad and his family are good people we met from Legacy Fellowship, and Chad also happens to be an amazing photographer.  I never thought I was the type of person to need a professional photographer in my life, but that was only until I saw Chad’s work and came to realize that great photography isn’t just about capturing persons A and B in this stage of their life… it’s about telling a story through the photography.  Most people can’t do that, at least not with any consistency.  But Chad can.  He’s shot family pictures for us the past two years (including some amazing family-reunion portraits) and at the end of last year we purchased a package deal he offered giving us 4 mini photo shoots any time during 2010.  It worked out great since we’re broke now 🙂  Anyways, I’m digressing.

So yesterday we took maternity pictures.  You know I wasn’t really looking forward to pictures because I haven’t been the most self-confident pregnant woman… but of course I shouldn’t have worried.  Chad and I talked a few weeks ago about the nursery theme – science – and how cool it would be to incorporate the science theme into our pictures.  Justin and I, we’re nerdy people.  We like sci-fi and science and space and chemistry and the scientific method.  Science is, while not all-encompassing of our nerdism, nevertheless a part of who we are.  So we had some ideas and we left the design stuff up to Chad (he’s the professional, after all!)

Justin hates taking pictures. But he loves me very much, so he puts up with me and my need to document life changing events. Yay for having a great husband!

Here’s what is probably my favorite picture so far of the ones I’ve seen:

Chad posted a preview of the pictures on his website.  So go over to his website and check them out.