Things are coming together. I’m 34 weeks, 2 days along… only 40 days left. That’s just a bit over a month! HOLY COW! Where has the time gone?!

Nursery: I’m still working on it! I picked up a thing called “chain gang” which is a long chain that has clips attached so you can put stuffed animals and soft toys on it. It looks slightly more organized than some of the other stuffed animal holders, and gives me the ability to have stuff out instead of hiding in the toy chest. Still have a LOT to organize, and not sure where to store baby bottles and kitchen stuff just yet. Guess I need to organize some more in the kitchen!

Baby: Benjamin is doing good! At the midwife appointment yesterday they said he was doing great. Heartbeat was a little slower than usually – it usually runs exactly at 150 and yesterday it was 140, but still well within normal range. He’s had the hiccups A LOT lately. Usually in the morning – be it 2am or 10am (in fact, he has them now, as I’m typing this)!

The midwife found him to be posterior, but since I’m only 34 weeks they’re happy he was head down and not worried about his posterior position. She said he has plenty of time to rotate anterior.

So yesterday, during my birthing class, Teresa (my cousin and secondary coach) was helping me and we were doing birthing-position-practice. She was poking at Benjamin and he poked a limb out at her, she pushed it to the side, and ROTATED HIM. It was the CRAZIEST THING EVER. I mean, feeling a baby move every once in a while is pretty cool, but having his entire body rotate was something I hadn’t quite experienced to that strength. He sure did rotate anterior, but by the time I got home he’d moved back to posterior. That both made me happy and sad. I’m glad he was willing to move anterior, but the fact that he pretty much went right back to posterior means it’s more comfortable for him there. I don’t want him comfortable posterior, I want him comfortable anterior 🙂 I’ll keep doing pelvic rocks and keep trying not to worry. The important thing is head down. The anterior just makes birth easier (and we ALL want me to have an easier birth, don’t we?!)

The crazy thing is, I think Teresa showing Benjamin how much he could move just made him realize all the fun stuff he can do. He has been moving like CRAZY all morning!! Even last night, it was like he’d suddenly discovered half of my womb and is now busy exploring. He’s staying head down but definitely poking limbs all over the place.

Pictures: Justin and I are going to get maternity pictures taken by Image Studios ( ) as soon as we get around to booking him. I’ve been putting it off because we really didn’t know what to do – we didn’t want traditional maternity pictures, for lots of reasons. Firstly, I’m not a pretty pregnant lady. I mean, I don’t have super low self esteem or anything, but I’m not the skinniest person anyways, and I just am not one of those women in love with being pregnant. It’s amazing, incredible, occasionally slightly freaky and humbling and wow, but I don’t feel the need to take naked pictures of myself (or even slightly unclothed ones) to remember this experience. I have nothing against those pictures, mind you. My cousins got maternity pictures and they were BEAUTIFUL! They are just not for me. Justin and I want to do something a little more “us” so we have been brainstorming. My friend Leslie and I were talking and she is trying to talk me into painting my belly – something that I’d probably manage with more grace than just exposing my stretch marks to the world… and we came up with a few cool ideas for the pictures – something a little more “us” – that we’ll be talking over with the photographer. I’m not ready to share the idea with the world yet in case Justin or Chad (the photographer) hate it..but if it works out, you’ll know.

Pregnancy brain: Holee-molee! I had no idea how bad pregnancy brain is!! I swear, I think I’ve dropped about 50 iq points. And lost my short-mid-term memory. I’ve worn my clothes inside out to a hockey game (which ended up working out OK since I also dropped nacho cheese on my huge belly), I’ve forgotten my cell phone, lost my wallet that was right in front of my face, miscalculated the amount of money needed to take out of the ATM, taken out what I thought was the wrong amount only to have it accidentally (thankfully) be the right amount… I could keep going. I think, so far, it’s the worst pregnancy symptom I’ve experienced. I’m terrified I’m going to forget to pay bills – I already keep forgetting if I’ve paid them yet and keep double checking… in a few weeks am I going to forget to pay them at all? Hope not! Justin is fairly amused by the entire thing, I guess I’m just glad he isn’t being driven crazy by my absent-mindedness (even if I am!)

So in less than 2 months I’m going to have a baby. Craaazzzyyy!