This week has been pretty productive.  Got most of the stuff from my baby showers unpacked, and most of the thank you cards in the mail (or at least written) and the nursery is slowly but surely coming together and getting organized…YAY!  Took my wedding ring off – swelling just a little too much for my comfort zone so it’s been relegated to necklace status for now.  Drinking LOTS of water.  Today Justin and I are going to clean the pack-n-plays that were given to us (both hand me downs) and set them out to dry.  I think Justin’s going to wash the car while I do the baby stuff.

Things are coming together.  I can’t believe I have just over 6 weeks until my due date!!  And of course who knows how long until my little one comes. Two nights ago Benjamin got the hiccups at about 1am, I woke Justin up enough to put his hand on my stomach and feel.  It was pretty awesome.

I’ll post pictures of the nursery when I get it done.  This week I also got all the stuff I need from the store to decorate…only cost me about 30 dollars, score!  And I think it will be an awesome looking room.

In other news, please keep my family in Tennessee in your prayers.  Trenton and Milan (two of the towns where they live) are experiencing some pretty horrible weather.  The levee in Trenton broke and there is some massive flooding going on.  I’m pretty sure there has been some pretty bad damage to their properties.  Everyone is safe, thank God, but pray for them nonetheless.