Soon is a manner of speaking, I suppose.  Technically I can/should have the baby sometime in the next 6-10 weeks.  Some days (like yesterday) I hope it’s closer to the 6 week mark.  And then some days (like today) I don’t mind waiting those full 8 weeks.  I guess it just depends on how tired I am of lugging around 4 pounds of Benjamin!

Today I went to the midwife and had a great appointment. I really love the people at AABC, they have been amazing and very down to earth.  I like to think that I’m inclined towards a more “natural” lifestyle without being fanatical, so it’s encouraging that they respect my lack of fanaticism.  She didn’t bat an eye when I told her we could wait on a firm decision about the Vitamin K shot until birth.  State law says he gets it unless we decline, and there’s plenty of opinions on both sides of the board.  Do I think it’s going to ruin him one way or the other? Nope.  So we’ll see.  If he looks like he might benefit from it, sure, toss it in.  If not, then lets not mess with natural, yes? I can always take the supplement myself, or give him oral supplements of Vitamin K.

The midwife did recommend I start taking some echinacea since I’ve been sick the past few days.  I don’t know what’s up, but I think it’s a mild sinus infection.  Lots of nose blowing and occasional sneezing.  Fun stuff.

On other fronts, remember how I mentioned needing to get my mustang towed to my car guy? Done! Very excited to start that process! I’ll be making frequent stops at his place to take pictures and get an update on what’s going on, but it will be very nice to not worry about it and leave the restoration to the professionals.  I could go through the hassle of learning it all myself, but honestly? It will never get done.  Much rather let him do it and get it done right.  It’s worth the extra cost to get it done stress free!

I keep wanting to post pictures to the internet, but I keep having reasons to wait.  So I think I’ll wait to post pictures of the nursery until it’s all ready (which will hopefully be the first few weeks of May).  In the meantime, here’s an only slightly ridiculous picture of me at my Houston baby shower last week.  Enjoy!

*note: actual date of picture was not, in fact, 1/15/2008