So, today I hit my 31 week mark in my pregnancy.  That means 9 weeks until my due date. 9 weeks! We are into the single digit week counting now!

I have heartburn so bad I could scream, except that would require a deep breath which hurts more than shallow breaths.  I have earth mama heartburn tea, all organic and good-for-you… doesn’t work at ALL.  Doesn’t even stop the heartburn while I’m drinking it!  Tums work for about 10 minutes, and no, I am not exaggerating to make you pity me. Sometimes I can squeeze 15 minutes out of them, but no more than that.  Milk does help it go away for about an hour, but then it comes back worse than before.  Bread products help, but not enough to justify the caloric intake required to really make a difference (trust me, I tried!)  Water makes it worse, and I pretty much NEED to be drinking water at this point and even more so as I get into the later parts of pregnancy.  Dehydrated and in labor is NOT an experience I’d like to have.  Anyways.  I’m just about done, I think tomorrow I’ll give the midwives a call and ask for something stronger.  They recommended papaya when I was in last and that pretty much didn’t even think about working.  I think I can take one of the OTC heartburn medicines, so I’ll see what they recommend.  I have been trying to avoid medicine but I would also like to avoid dehydration and insanity… both of those are at risk if this heartburn continues for another 9 weeks.

Other than heartburn I’ve been doing great.  Getting the house organized, and yesterday I got rid of the box of stuffed animals I mentioned before, along with about 5 bags of clothes.  I gave my friend Trent (who is a craigslist/used item wiz) a bunch of stuff and he’s going to attempt to sell them for a commission.  If not, that stuff will get donated too! I figure there might be SOME stuff I can make money off of, and I don’t want to have another garage sale, so this is the best way to try and make some money.  If I can, great! If not, then it will still be out of my house which is the main thing.

I spent a lot of time cleaning yesterday and also made these brownies (which are just as amazing as they look) and as long as I stopped and took a break whenever I felt my body say “whoa nelly!” then I was fine.  I’m SO glad that I can take the time to listen to my body, it helps me avoid a lot of pain (as I learn whenever I choose to ignore it!)  I hope I can carry that over into labor!!

The only place I haven’t really touched as far as real cleaning has been the garage.  It’s been hard because there’s a large mustang in the middle of the garage.  Half of it in pieces.  I really need to get it to my mechanic, but I need a flatbed wrecker… so it’s on my list.  Hopefully before Benjamin gets here!  My amazing mechanic is going to project it out for us (in other words we send him money as often as we can, and he does that much work/labor on it, and eventually it will get done).

Back to the garage though – I’m just about at the point that I will be useless cleaning it out, so it’s probably going to fall to Justin to get organized.  I’ve done a good job of putting everything into bins and sorting it, now we just need to clean out all the trash and get it organized.  It will be a pretty hefty job though so I hope we can get it done before June.

I’ll have to post before and after pictures of Benjamin’s room, just waiting now to get the crib and mattress before I decorate.  Need to know what is going where before I start hanging posters.  Got all the decorations picked out for the most part though… it will be easy to decorate since we’re not changing a whole lot.

Anyways.  It’s getting late, but I just wanted to toss this out into cyberspace.  I’m really excited that things are progressing so well.  I hope it continues!