-My head is KILLING me. Seriously, I need to know what I did to irritate my brain because WOW I sure am sorry. Took a Tylenol but it didn’t even put a dent in it.

-The heartburn that attacked me so badly the first trimester (and the first half of the second) is back. I had a few week reprieve, but it’s been pretty solid for the last week… I think it’s back to stay. Heartburn medicine does help a bit, I’m just trying not to OD on it.

-Justin and I both predict Benjamin will come early. For different reasons but it will be interesting to see if we’re right or not. We both kind of thought it was a boy, so our track record is pretty good (about time to mess it up, right?).

-Justin’s cousin Chris is predicting Benjamin will be over 9 1/2 pounds. For obvious reasons, I darn near hung up on him. I have no predictions. I’m thinking either just shy of or just over 8 pounds, but I won’t be upset if he’s smaller. The boys on Justin’s side of the family generally has very large babies. I was barely 6 pounds at birth, but I was also premature to a mother who smoked. So we shall see!

-Yesterday Justin and I took a walk with the dog around the neighborhood. We were on one of the main roads and an SUV was driving towards us. All of a sudden, a 10 year old blonde haired kid poked his head and upper torso out the back seat window. I was like, “what the heck is that kid doing!?” and then I heard him yell at the two of us “AARRRRGGG MATEYS!”


It was probably one of the greatest thing a complete stranger has ever yelled at me. I have no idea why he did, but I was so shocked I didn’t even really have a chance to respond before they had driven past. I looked at Justin: “did that really just happen?” Yes. Yes it did.