I’ve been reading Internet Monk for years.  He’s given me wonderful things to think about and introduced me to lots of other great theological websites (like Parchment and Pen).  To say his website has been a blessing to my walk with Christ would be an understatement, but one I still want to make.  I’ve been particularly encouraged by his writing about depression – many of you know that while I don’t personally suffer from it, many of my loved ones do.  His writing – and refusal to blame depression on unresolved sin – has shed light on a problem that most people wouldn’t take the time of day to talk about.

If you read his blog then you know, but for those of you that don’t: Michael has brain cancer, and after a long journey trying different things they have decided to stop treatment.

When I read the first diagnosis, my heart broke a bit.  When the treatment wasn’t working, I burst into tears.  Now I read that they are stopping treatment and tears fall and my heart is broken for his family.  I have no illusions that he has meant any iota as much to me as to his family, and so my heart breaks for them.  Please, please, please keep him in your prayers for a peaceful passing, and pray for his family as they spend this time with Michael.  Pray for God’s grace and strength to sustain them though this time.