In 2003 I did a journal project where I wrote a poem a day. I made it 6 months. Most of them are completely terrible. I need to take a break from cleaning so these are a few that I don’t hate. Sometimes I wish I could write again, but honestly I’m not that person anymore.  Much happier now, at any rate.  Enjoy!

The staircase stood
(towering above the fearful boy)
Rounded hand rails
Oak finished, sanded, stained
(his young hands already calloused)

And the early morning air
Crept in through the mailman’s slot
(he felt the chill against his lips)

The boy stood
creation finished
(he feared the staircase)
his feet did not move

and the staircase fell
with his first step
(he didn’t fear anymore)
-January 6, 2003

And the little girl
Ran away from all she knew
And then found herself
-January 26, 2003

The blank page
tells a story
of love lost
of hope abandoned
of treasures mistaken.

The blank page
tells a story
of men and women
dying before their time
of children lost
before they learn to write.

The plank page
tells a story
do you hear the cries?
-February 11, 2003

A man’s weight in gold
is but an ounce of his worth
to our Master’s heart
-February 20, 2003

The tears
wipe away
any trace
of your joy

i see you here
amongst the brambles
pain and blood aside
i have become you
-March 13, 2003

Open door
A breath of fresh air
Sweet escape
-April 6, 2003

The air in the morning
Is somehow more crisp
Though my schedule be long
and my feet sore already
I breathe in the sunrise
as the dawn is still dark
For I know it inches forward
to light my day
-June 9, 2003