Well, today marks 27 weeks into my pregnancy. I thought I’d offer up an update since I haven’t kept up with my journaling like I wanted to.

I feel great, for the most part. Oh, there are aches and pains and heartburn the depths of which I could never have previously imagined…but there is also so much excitement and hope and joy that balance it out. How can temporary heartburn dampen my excitement about my coming offspring? I think for me, so far, one of the best parts about being pregnant is seeing my husband get excited about it. I’m eager to meet my son, but I’m just as eager (if that’s possible) to see my husband become a father.

I haven’t done nearly enough around the house, but the things I have done have helped. I’m slowly getting his future room cleaned, and good incentive for that is not being able to buy the things I want until it’s clean. For those that haven’t heard, we’re doing a science theme (I let my husband picked, but I’m happy with his decision) and trying to make the room look like a classroom. So think a cutesy border around the ceiling, posters on the wall about atoms, periodic tables, anatomy, and picture an old school solar system model as a mobile (that will probably be done by yours truly, who never really had to do any science projects). The babies room is also where I have my library, so unfortunately he’ll have to share his room with my ridiculously insane book collection… but he’s my kid, so I don’t think he’ll mind too much.

We’ve got most of the nursery decorations picked out; we’re getting them from Mardel’s in Cedar Park because they have good prices and a huge selection of home school supplies that will work perfectly. Well, either there or from Electricboogaloo who has adorable stuff like this and this . I haven’t found a place to get a mobile kit yet and I’m thinking that I’m just going to have to order one off Amazon. I thought about getting the basic pieces via etsy (think this) but I don’t know how difficult that would be, and I kind of like the idea of painting it myself.

My friends Leslie and Trent found an amazing baby carrier for us at a yard sale, it’s a Snugli cross terrain carrier and it’s MASSIVE. I’m actually letting my brother and sister-in-law borrow it for Keegan because when he visited he really liked it. It’s definitely a carrier for an older baby (Keegan is 10 months and was perfect in it) and that puts me in need of a good carrier. I really like the idea of baby wearing for a lot of reasons – ease, comfort, and closeness is only a few of them. It’s also a lot easier to carry a baby on you than in a stroller and taking a walk with an extra 10 or 20 pounds attached to you has GOT to be a great way to get extra exercise. Based on the tons and tons of reviews I’ve read, I think I’ve just about settled on a Wrapsody. Their material they use is widely recognized by reviewers as one of the best for hotter climates, and in case you didn’t know, I live in Texas. Hot climate is our middle name! They are also stylish without being overbearing, highly flexible as the child grows, and something that I might actually be able to get Justin to wear. They’re also priced right, so super bonus.

Next week is my glucose tolerance test, and I’m a bit nervous about it. Mostly nervous because this is the first truly recognizable opportunity for me to develop problems that would list me as high risk and bump me into the hospital from the birthing center for my delivery. I’m taking care of myself and exercising and eating right, but it’s still a possibility I don’t like! I love the ladies at the birthing center and love the philosophies shared there. If something happens, it happens, but I can still hope and pray for the perfect pregnancy until proven otherwise.

Birthing classes start April 8th! Bradley method style, 8 weeks long, should be a fun journey. I’m going with Justin and my cousin Teresa, both of whom will most likely be in the room when I deliver. Assuming I don’t turn all evil and scream for everyone to leave (which I reserve the right to do!)

I decided that I hated the book about breastfeeding by the La Leche League, and changed to The Nursing Mother’s Companion which I absolutely LOVE. It’s got basic starter info to prep you, and then the rest of the book is devoted to problems you’ll encounter and ways to fix it, all arranged really conveniently. And in this book there is a decisive lack of judgment on attachment parenting, letting your kids sleep with you until they’re 5 and strangely absent is the guilt trip about returning to work. Yay!

The only other thing to really write home about is going to the chiropractor. I’ve been before, but I wasn’t impressed with the one I had met here locally and the one I loved was down in Houston. When walking Monday I felt a horribly sharp pain on the left site of my hip/butt area that Leslie said sounded like the sciatic nerve. No pain going down the leg though, so it was kind of odd. Went away eventually, but I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and go to the chiropractor. My friends Chad and Rebecca had been singing the praises of Dr. Doug Falke at Live Oak Chiropractic so I called and made an appointment to see him first thing Tuesday morning. I was a little skeptical (sorry guys, just being honest!) but he more than surpassed any expectation I had for him. I’ve had this nagging random pain in my right foot for almost 2 weeks now, I mentioned it in passing and he fixed it. Pop, wiggle, twist, done. Fixed! No pain! It was so weird!! Now, the back pain I’ve been having hasn’t gone away, but I did have relief for a while (most of that day) and I think it’s going to take a bit longer to fix that since it’s been a problem for years. He also popped my elbows and my ribs and my clavicle and identified an issue with the tendons in my stomach being off due to my hip problems and he fixed that too! He’s the first chiropractor I’ve been to that has actually addressed more than just back issues.

No, I’m not getting a discount or anything for reviewing him, but I AM excited about my follow-up appointment Friday morning. I was initially dreading having to go to a chiropractor again, but now that I’ve gone once I’m excited about going again!

So anyways, long winded post but that’s my life as of right now in regards to baby. Yay!