I’ll spare you the huge post about my vacation to OK and TN (Oklahoma was COLD! It snowed in TN! I love my family! The end.)  But I will share a few pictures and why they’re awesome to me. You can view the entire set here.

Me, Alan and Mandy at some Route-66 state park thing off of I-40. Go figure! I love this picture because it’s got all of us in it and it does a fairly good job of helping you imagine how cold it really was. That wind just went STRAIGHT through you! Yikes!

This one you really need to see the bigger version, but this is right outside where my in-laws are staying. They were out shooting skeet. Everyone was super excited about shooting guns, and for the most part they did pretty good. We did get a few crazy looks from people driving by though 🙂


This is Justin’s grandparents. This was as they were arriving for their 50th wedding anniversary celebration and vow renewal. I took this picture to keep them from going inside the church while they were putting the finishing touches on a few things, the least of which was Cory and Austin singing a song together. They had to practice ONE more time and it fell to me to delay them. They were VERY cold, but good sports! And the picture turned out great!

Brian, Cory, Justin, Me, David and Sherry. Happy family 😀

Now for some less family-oriented pictures…