I’m trying to inspire myself into cleaning out my house. I read a great article in Real Simple Magazine about your style of decorating and I came back with primarily vintage eclectic with a hint of cozy/comfy and another hint of modern. Justin’s style is modern. So imagine me loving layers and textures and jewel tones and funky pieces whereas he loves stark contrast, bright color, clean lines and minimalism. How in the world are we going to make our styles work!

Apparently, there’s this style called modern-eclectic, or modern-vintage, something like that, and that’s the basis for what we’ll be going with. I’m thinking eclectic vintage with a lot more open space. I can dig that.

Of course, I don’t mean for you to think that I’m going to suddenly start redecorating my house (not that there is much decoration anyways). Nothing like that. But I figured I should decide what I want my house to look like now, so that I can keep that in mind when going through my house and purging. It will be easier for me to say “I don’t want this in my house because it won’t go with the theme” than for me to say “I don’t know if I’ll use this or not so I’ll keep it around” and keep my hubby happy. I probably will be investing in some better storage solutions than the ones I currently have now (think “stick in the corner”) and hopefully I can start to choose new items as old ones wear out that better reflect our personality and tastes. Maybe we’ll get a modern couch and cover it in a vintage fabric with lots of crazy pillows. That would be fun (and pillow fights would abound!)

I don’t think I’m nesting yet, but I’m really trying to fake it till I make it. We’ll see if I get anything actually crossed off that crazy to-do list in the next few days.