Today, my belly button hurts. Like, hurts a lot. I feel it pushing its way out, and while it’s not there yet I expect my belly button will be migrating into the outtie category before too long now.

About 3 days ago it hit me: I’m going to have a baby in 4 months. It’s going to be a baby that I can’t give back to mom because I will be mom. A baby that Justin and I are responsible for. A baby that will eventually walk around my house. My house that is disorganized and has remnants of my parents household stacked in corners yet to be gone through. I did a little bit of cleaning and organizing on the last of my vacation days, but I’d really like to get ahold of that nesting thing I keep hearing about. Can I get it to start early?

Because I’m sure you’re all wondering (and because I need a place to put it) I’m sharing my list with you.

And weigh in on my debate: is a crib really necessary or can I fake it with a pack’n’play?

Eventual babies room/library:

-Clean out closet.

-Go through boxes of old toys (that are in the closet), set aside age appropriate ones in good condition to pass down to Benjamin. Garage the rest to be sorted at later time.

-Mount shelving and/or bookcase for storage in room.


-Relocate all paperwork items to front closet for easier retrieval, also file all paperwork scattered throughout house into filing cabinet. Purge unneeded items, add section for children.

-Measure size of glass needed to replace broken glass in curio cabinet; discuss relocation with Justin. Will need to be done prior to child being mobile.

-Go through cedar chest, reaffirm items in it, perhaps make room for some baby stuff? Need to find location for chest, either our closet or floor of this room’s closet.


-Get all of the items for the mustang in one place.

-Sort out everything that needs to go to the dump. Schedule dump run and/or break down for recycling.

-Go through tools, determine what can be given to siblings from Dad’s collection, organize, put our tools in toolbox. (Though it doesn’t sound like it, this will be extremely hard emotionally.)

-Purchase bins for storage of items unable to give away (due to sentimental or other reasons) – sort into never giving away (list purpose [i.e., Christmas decorations, camping] or sentimental) or list as “check back in one year”.

-Sort bins on racks in some semblance of order.

My bedroom:

-Relocate dressers so there is room for baby stuff.

-Clean out space in closet for arts/crafts

-Add bins on top of closet for misc. baby stuff.


-Serial numbers, makes and models for valuables in the house.

-Wills need to be edited due to impending child, copies of wills need to be given to our chosen executor. By the way, have you had a will made recently???? If you really can’t afford it, go to and get a basic will for free.

Anyways. I’ll hop off my soapbox now.

All in all, the list doesn’t look TOO bad but it also looks a lot easier than it’s actually going to be. If I can get Justin’s help (which I’m sure I can) that will help a lot, although I’m still not looking forward to all the sorting I’m going to need to do. It’s only 17 items on this list. I can do one or two a week, right? Maybe?