This late post brought to you by my inability to sleep.

We leave from TN tomorrow.  Well, in just a few hours really.  I have heartburn that is unyielding and terrible and I half believe fire will escape from my lips at any given moment.  It is a major component in my lack of sleep.  The other components are missing home, and missing my bed at home.  Missing a place where I can sleep in my husbands arms.  There are spare beds here, but they are old and the springs hurt my fragile body in ways I’ve never noticed before.  I have become a spoiled brat in regards to sleeping, and it is a couch or my tempurpedic at home for me.  Alas, no husband in my arms with me on the couch. 

Benjamin is awake and moving about, and even though I’ve been feeling him for almost 2 months now I can’t get over how exciting it is to feel his movement.  23 weeks tomorrow!

I’m looking forward to getting home, but I’m going to miss my TN family terribly.  This trip was throughly enjoyable and though I am very glad I do not live here (I am a Texas girl through-and-through) I do love visiting with family here.  Yes, they’re technically in-laws, but they are an amazing family and I do love them 🙂  There was a lovely dusting of snow throughout my trip here, just enough to keep it pretty and not enough to really cause any major concern.  That is, to me, the only kind of snow to have.  More than a few inches is too much!  

I haven’t had insomnia like this in ages.  I don’t really know what it is keeping me awake, I’ve tried to get comfortable but my brain won’t slow down enough for me to get to sleep!

Here are things I’m thinking about:

  • The effect my prayers and fasting can have on the church.
  • The fact that in FOUR MONTHS I will be giving birth. Eep!
  • The drive I have to make tomorrow.
  • My in-laws moving to Texas (we’re trying to convince them!)
  • Going back to work soon!
  • Vacation being over 😦
  • Missing my parents, the 1 year anniversary of their death is coming up and I don’t know how well I’ll handle it.
  • We’re thinking about taking the car to the dealership to get it looked at, to see if they can figure out what is wrong with it.  I’m worried that they’ll tell us something it’s not, and we’ll waste more money on it.
  • I can’t believe this heartburn.  It is seriously kicking my butt.

Ok.  I can’t get past the heartburn.  I guess I’ll try some milk, and go lay back down.