So this morning, the day we leave for vacation (yay!) Justin and I are laying in bed.  The alarm has gone off, we’re both waking up, and we’re just talking about the day ahead of us.  I’m subconsciously rubbing my stomach, which I do a lot now that there is a little life named Benjamin in there.

“Geeze,” I remark. “Seems like he’s going through a growth spurt now, I swear he’s gotten bigger overnight!”

“Well,” Justin starts in, “he’s kind of like bread, if you think about it.”

“So this is his oven spring?”


“But he’s been in there for a while now, ‘baking,’ as they would say.”

“Yeah but before he wasn’t so much baking as marinating, as being turned from the basic components into something tangible.”

“So early pregnancy is where all the gluten is formed and stuff?”

“You got it!”

I realize this won’t mean much to plenty of you, but I love that my husband can talk my bread language sometimes.  I love that Benjamin is in the oven spring process (which is the start of actual baking, for you non-bread-bakers).  Wooo-hoo!  Just over halfway there!