Yesterday our pastor sent out an email asking the church to join him in fasting for the next month. Justin and I decided that fasting was probably a good idea, focused primarily on the needs of the church but also as a time for us to re-focus on our faith.

Too often we are over-stimulated by the world and the technology around us. For my fast I decided to stop using my phone for any communication other than phone calls. That means no twitter, no answering facebook from my phone, no text messaging, no email. That’s a HUGE sacrifice for me, I have been fully integrated into technology like that for years. But it’s probably time to take a month off anyways, and what better reason than to instead focus that time on prayer and reflection and study?

We’ll be praying for the needs of the church: finances, a new space to have church, more leadership, more of God’s presence, more outreach and deeper relationships among the members. Beyond that I’m also praying for a renewal of faith. I’m praying that people will be encouraged and grow in their faith as the month goes by. I’m praying that they will eagerly seek awareness of the foundational truths that can make our faith stronger. Today more than ever before I believe in the importance of that.

I’m not saying that I’m never going to use twitter or facebook or email this month, just that I’m going to do it when I sit in front of a computer at home during my off time, not when I’m doing it on my phone and doing 6 other things. And that means that if you want to talk to me, your best bet is just to give me a call.

I’m excited about taking time to reflect. I’m excited about what this means for the church and I’m excited about what this means for me in my personal spiritual walk.