Michael Spencer (aka the Internet Monk) has been working on a book that’s finally (!!) up for pre-order. Michael has been an amazing resource to me spiritually (as well as mentally) over the last several years, and I’ve been eagerly anticipating his book.

My heart goes out to Michael as he struggles through his recent cancer diagnosis and is currently on hiatus from his website (although the people he has running his site in the interim, including Chaplain Mike, have done a great job in his stead). I want to encourage all Christian readers and friends to get his book. Michael has a very real, very honest approach to loving Jesus in today’s culture and I can’t recommend him enough. It’s only a few dollars and not only will you be helping support him as he loses his insurance and faces expensive hospital bills, but you’ll also gain what I believe will be an excellent book.

You can pre-order on Amazon here: http://bit.ly/dts0gV
You can pre-order with the publisher here: http://bit.ly/bydFgz
You can visit Internet Monk’s website here: http://www.internetmonk.com/

Thanks guys!