Justin and I have been doing a lot of things differently this week, some of which have been inspired by my pregnancy, some of which come of necessity for general health.

See, we’ve been planning our meals.  Now, for two people who work full time (often times at opposite shifts) and are relatively secure in our finances (although we can always save more, etc) we have been getting away with eating what’s been convenient.  Not healthy, mind you, convenient.  And it’s been great – except the fact that our vegetable intake consisted of the lettuce on our big macs.  Ok. I’m exagerating slightly, but you get the picture. Let me backtrack.

Since I got pregnant I’ve started doing small things in the house because I realize that by becoming a mother involves things like keeping the house relatively clean so the baby doesn’t eat the leaves the dog drags in.  And making sure that even if I don’t, the kid is getting healthy meals (when it’s old enough to eat meals and not just milk).  I realize more and more that I need to be doing things not just for the babies sake, but for mine and Justin’s sake.  If the roommates benefit, all the better for them, but the main focus was Justin and I.

I started reading flylady months ago, but never started.  I wasn’t ready, and she recommended something that I’m terrible at: baby steps.  I’m not good at them and neither is Justin.  I can’t start out every day with some small habit, I’ll get bored.  But if I write a control journal and say that I’m going to clean for 15 minutes every day and do three or four other things, then by golly I can do that.  We started about a week ago, and so far it’s working great! Well, great on the days that we’re not completely exhausted.  The days like today, when I come home exhausted and Justin’s been at work since the afternoon with a migraine and working until who knows when… those days are days where I don’t have anything special planned.  Just, you know, survive.  That’s good enough.  Baby steps, right?

We also started shopping the sales and planning meals, which brings us back to the original topic.  I found a website that took planning meals to a basic level.  Pick one meat and two veggies per day – don’t plan what to do with them, just plan the basics – and be done.  That works great for us because that way we can still decide how to work it out at that particular time.  If I tried to plan how I was going to prepare the foods I would have unnatural amounts of pressure, obsession, and hours wasted planning because of my OCD nature.  You can’t even imagine.  So with this plan we found a roast on sale! Yay!  So we paired carrots and potatoes with that.  Might have worked out great, but who knew I thought roast was disgusting?  Of course, that might just be the pregnancy talking: I’ve had a weird relationship with meat since about week 8.  I was hoping it would go away, but it seems to be sticking around.  Justin’s a big meat eater, so as long as we plan the meats/veggies a bit more carefully than we did the roast it should work out ok.  We’ve even planned enough to have leftovers for work the next day.

Here are things we could improve on:

  • Don’t plan every day eating something new.  Sometimes (like today) we just want to eat a bag of popcorn and watch Law and Order: SVU reruns.  This should significantly cut down the cost.
  • We don’t need 2 pounds of meat for the two of us to eat two meals.  YOU DO NOT EAT A LOT OF MEAT, especially not 1/2 a pound!
  • Keep the meat and vegetables relatively separate within the meal.
  • Plan on any crock pot meals to be done on Tuesdays or Wednesdays when someone is off work and can keep an eye on it. This would ensure the potatoes get done on time.
  • Invest in some better storage containers to take to work.  Good storage means we’re more likely to take our lunch.

There you go.  Lessons learned from week 1.

Next week is Christmas, I feel kind of odd starting all these “new” habits mid-December.  But why put that much pressure on myself in January?  For a new habit to stick, I just need to be faithful.  We’re crossing my fingers.

Hopefully I’ll have more regular updating here in the next few days.  I’m working on my yearly recap.  It’s not pretty, but it’s true.  That says something, I suppose.