I love Christmastime.  I love the music, the decorations, the over-the-top red and green and gold everywhere, I love pretty much all of it.

I love to bake.  So naturally, this is a great time of year for me! I was going to make small presents for my sisters kids, but decided to just send them cookies instead.  I’m making cookies for them, for work, for the mailman, for my doctor’s office, and for Joe and the wonderful crew at Herrera Auto Repair.  Oh! And for me and Teresa’s Christmas Party!  I definitely have the sweets covered between me and my her and her husband.

My sisters are looking forward to the cookies because last year my mother sent them cookies.  And she’s not here to do that this year.  I am not quite the cookie expert she was, but she definitely taught me well.  This season, more than others, I’ve felt the need to bake cookies.  I know I can’t fill her shoes, but it makes me feel closer to her by doing this.

It does make me incredibly nostalgic though.

Plus, I think my husband is worried I’ll never stop baking cookies.  Oh well 😀