Cory and Justin just had a long conversation about high fives.  Apparently, high fives are NOT cool anymore.  High fives have evolved into the fist bump (Obama, you may have done it on national television, but it was cool before that).

So, as a general rule, high fives are not allowed.  But, like all rules, there are exceptions.  Apparently, old people are high-five-able.

“If it’s an old person, and they’re old enough that high fives have always been cool to them, I’ll high five them. I’m cool with that.” -Justin, starting the conversation.

But see, it’s not just any old people.  Apparently, there are special old people who have special high-five-able status.  For example, old guys that are living in the past.  Specifically?  Oh yes, they got specific.

“That 40 year old guy, still driving a Thunderbird, wearing his letterman jacket? F’n-a right I’ll high five that guy!” -Cory.  Because, as everyone who knows Cory knows, he is full of wisdom.

“Unless he has a mullet.”  Says Justin. “If he has a mullet, I’m walking right by,” added Cory.

There were a lot of sentences I wanted to put after that, all of which shot down immediately by the boys.  Apparently, everyone hates mullets.  I wasn’t aware of this.  But it’s true.  So I’m told.

In conclusion, don’t high five people.  It’s not cool.

Unless it’s an old guy in his letterman jacket.  Then: high five away.