These pictures will be from day 3 of the trip, when I met the amazing and wonderful Maria (and her husband Lars).  I’ve known Maria for about 6 years online, and as she lives in Denmark I didn’t think we’d be able to meet this soon (or at all!) so it was SUCH a blessing to be in the city at the same time as her!!  Didn’t get nearly as many pictures of “us” as I would have liked, but I did get a TON of pictures of everything else.  As is usual for these posts, I’ll be showing my favorites from the day.  You can find the rest here.

One of the first stops we made was to the Swavorski store. Maria collects them, and my my I was tempted to start!! Such awesome stuff there!!! I did splurge and get a pair of earrings and a necklace, they’re SO much prettier in real life than online!!!

Funny story. So, years ago while working for HCSO dispatch I had a friend make me some headset covers for my headset. They’re pink, purple, yellow, blue, and beautiful. They are also crazy looking!! So I wore them there for years with no problems. Cue new job, new agency, and I wore them for the first time a few months ago. Every single person that walked into dispatch would start to say something and then say “OMG! What is on your ear!?!” or something to that effect. I told them it was a fraggle rock, I told them it was my pet, and eventually I ended up telling them that it was the money I could be saving with Geico. That one kind of stuck, and now I use that anytime someone comments on it. So imagine my surprise when I came to work the other day, and stuck to my monitor was a picture of the little geico money. When I saw this ad, I had to take a picture. Leave it to NYC to have a “different” kind of ad!!

*insert Chewbaca noise here*
I’m a HUGE star wars fan, so naturally when I saw this I had to take a picture!!! We went to FAO Schwartz, which I hadn’t really heard about but had SUCH a great time in there!!! It was like a huge playground!!! Most of the rest of the shots are from there…

Such awesomeness.

Oh yeah, standing next to batman. ❤

Harry potter and his friends!!!

Hagrid, one of my favorite characters of all the HP books!!!


I adore tiny houses. I don’t have the patience or money to invest in them myself, but tiny dollhouses have always been a fun thing to me. Maybe if I ever have a daughter I’ll get her into them so I can live vicariously through her. Heee! Here are a bunch of my favorites, I took them fast so the very nice lady working the area didn’t get completely sick of me (sorry if this is spam, but OMG CUTE!)

For the record, if I ever had the chance to design my own house, it would look almost exactly like this house. The windows, the curve, the porch…*drool*

Mmm…tiny food…

I can imagine shopping at the store for my own furniture the way I wanted to shop here!


Seriously, this was such a fun store to walk around. It didn’t matter that my feet were KILLING me and I wanted to curl up in a ball for a week. I was in New York! I was with Maria! I had beautiful scenery and funness around me! I was on cloud nine 😀

And there were smurfs. I heart smurfs!

I loved the way they had everything posed. It really made it look like you could just sit down, inside the glass cases, and start playing around!


They had this thing where you could make your own muppet. I’ve never been more tempted to spend 300 dollars on something completely useless….how awesome would it have been?!

Supplies for making your muppet…

The “Workshop”

This guy is made of jelly beans. I want to eat him up! :O

Maria and I after a lovely dinner with Justin and Lars. We had such a good time!!!

Once more with feeeeelllingg!!

Me and my amazing hubby!

Maria and Lars

It’s amazing how much fun it is to meet people from online after years of being friends! I’ll definitely never forget this trip, it was so awesome to meet Maria and Lars. Hopefully we can get them to Texas sometime.  Love you guys!