Continued from my previous post, more pictures of NYC.

The Strand has a particular smell, an attitude about it, that made me instantly feel at home.  It’s a magical kind of place. Imagine a waiting ground, where old books felt safe to wait for a new home. A sort of temporary purgatory where used books have left their previous homes to wait for new ones, and a place where new books feel the wisdom of the older ones seep into their bindings. The old books swayed you with their good prices and smell and the new books held the promise of memories to come.

It was so much more than a normal bookstore, the air was thick with nostalgia and a buzzing excitement of the next great find.

It felt a little bit like home.

Me, in NYC, at Broadway and 5th Ave. Exciting stuff. I am a little tired in that pictures, but overwhelmingly enamoured with the city!

We randomly ended up in a costume shop, where they had awesome masks and hats. We took these pictures before they told us we could take pictures in the shop, just not of us wearing anything. Oops!

This blog post wouldn’t be complete without a sleeping guy!

I took this in Little Italy. I didn’t realize my friend Tony had a shop there…

Beautiful church in town…

More of the church. Some of the architecture was the best part about NYC. You just don’t see that sort of created, classic, historical beauty down here in Texas.

Church again

So, funny story. Didn’t have much I wanted to do in China Town, but this is the oldest toy store in CT so I thought I’d give it a shot. We walked from lunch in Little Italy at Il Cortile(which was amazing!) over to Ting’s. It was about 3 blocks away. As soon as we entered China Town, I was propositioned by some guy crossing the street with us and Justin had a guy rub his shoulders and try to pick him up (while he was holding onto my very scared arm, as I had just been propositioned 10 feet before that). It was crazy. We didn’t stay – just took a picture, peeked in, and left. Note to readers: stick with China Town in San Francisco, CA. It’s WAY better.

Really cool randomly decorated pole on a street corner.

Bottom of the randomly decorated pole on the street corner.

City Hall Park (with the massive City Hall in the background)

City Hall Park Fountain