I took an amazing trip to New York City last month and yes, I fail, I’m just now getting around to uploading them.  I uploaded everything to flickr (the good and the bad) but wanted to showcase a few favorites here.

This was the first of several “sleeping in NYC” pictures I took. I was completely overwhelmed by the massive amount of stimulation from the outside world while I was in the city, so sleeping to me was a completely foreign idea. Most of the sleeping pictures taken were locals, as far as I could tell.

This is a massive playground in Central Park. One of the coolest parts about this playground? No adults allowed, unless you’re escorting a small child! Keeps the riff-raff out.

There is nothing spectacular about this picture, except that it’s two cop cars facing opposite directions so they can talk to each other. It happens in Houston, it happens in the city I work, it happens back in California….and now, proof that it happens in New York!

This is the hotel room we stayed in at the Belvedere. It ended up being an amazing hotel! A great value for the location (we stayed down the street from Times Square and Broadway) and the bed was amazingly comfortable. I think that was actually the thing I felt the most torn about on the trip; I couldn’t wait to get up and see the city, but I was absolutely in love with the bedding. It was a tough choice each day!

What follows is some of the scenery I saw the first full day I was there. That day we walked – litterally – up and down Manhattan, and probably put over 15 miles on our feet that day. I nearly died, but it was great stuff to look at. Enjoy!

Broadway mid-morning

We're a Target family

I know it's blurry, but I love this!

Lovely arcitecture

Ook, I have to commentary these two. This is, believe it or not, two sleeping people. Homeboy in the chair is obviously sleeping. But homeboy next to him, the guy hunched over like he’s digging in the bag? Yeah, he was doing that…until he fell asleep! Standing up! With his hand still in the bag! No joke. It was incredible.

Yeah, definitely going to have to split it up into two or three posts.  That wasn’t even all of day two! More to come.