My life the past few weeks has been absolutely wonderful and absolutely hectic! Between NYC for a week and my sisters coming to visit, I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath, much less blog.  But I’ll get back into it, promise.  As a start, I’ll recap my life the past few weeks (briefly).

NYC: Amazing and incredible place, I loved it, I will probably never go back.  At this point, people say “What, why?!” and the answer is this: I met the people I wanted to meet (and it was awesome!) and saw the things I wanted to see.  It’s not a vacation destination I would normally go to, and there are too many other great places to visit to go back.  If I’m in the area again, there would be a few places I’d go back to, which I’ll detail in later posts.

Family: My sisters were here! Jean and her hubby Josh and kids Abi and Bubba came with my other sister Jennifer and her daughter Lilly.  Then, my brother Alan and his wife Mandy and their son Ethan came for a visit. It was amazing and awesome and incredible.  I absolutely love seeing my sisters and their kids and miss them terribly already.

Estate stuff: I am getting SO close to being done!!! I still need to hear back from my lawyer on one thing in particular.  I paid a lot of estate bills and FINALLY got the stone in (it’s amazing, by the way) and my parents finally have a marker on their grave.  That has such an emotional finality to it that I can’t really put it into words.

Grief: It’s interesting the things that have effect on us emotionally.  I lost it after dropping the stone off at Magnolia Gardens Funeral Home.  Jean started crying at Denny’s when a Linda Ronstadt song came on the radio – I think it was “You’re No Good.”  Mom used to love her music.

I can’t hear anything by Nickelback or Merle Haggard without thinking of them, and Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry is still the song that makes me think of my family more than any other.

Anyways.  Life has been crazy but good.  House is a wreck, I’d need another week just to repair all the damage the past 3 weeks have caused it.  But, for now, I’ll just have to do it one step at a time.  Recaps will come as I get pictures uploaded and highlights typed out.  Got some great shots!