I have utterly failed at posting non-food related things, and for that I apologize. But, it’s been a major part of my life the last few weeks (because I’m avoiding emotions??? hmmm????) so it’s pretty much all I have that doesn’t involve me talking about how much I miss my parents and how the estate handling is going (fairly well, finally got a court date!) and how frustrating it is not to be able to see the report until forensics gets back with the results of the…well, everything.  And DPS Crime lab, from what I understand, takes upwards of 6-9 months.  Especially for non-priority stuff where the people are already gone *sighs*.

Anyways. Sorry. I meant to post happier stuff.  See what happens when I try to not talk about food? I get depressing.  Although there is other good stuff going on in my life. Keegan (my new nephew) gets dedicated on Sunday! Yay! My church has kinda sorta given me a small task of responsibility which I’m excited about being able to serve and help. Yay! I still love my job. Yay! Yeah. Other than that, I got nothing. So I’ll leave you with some pictures of food. To be described better tomorrow, if I get a chance.

Oh yeah, happy fourth of july. Or whatever.

(note: see, I bet you thought I only made bread!!)

(note: mmm…cinnamon…)