So today I made what is probably my favorite bread out of Peter Reinhart’s Bread Baker’s Apprentice.  You know, next to the bagels. And the Greek celebration bread.  And the anadama.

The book recommends some sort of hard salami, but when I talked it over with the guys they told me that they wanted turkey.  In fact, when I told them that I was making bread with meat in it they kind of freaked out.  “SERIOUSLY!?” Yes, boys, seriously.  They were very excited.  They kept asking me week after week, “is it meat bread week yet?”

So after making the brioche last week (I wasn’t too impressed, really didn’t even warrant a blog post) they asked if that meant that this week was “meat bread week.”  When I told them it was they got all excited.  Cory (my brother-in-law) kept talking about how he was going to have a turkey and provolone sandwich on turkey and provolone bread.  Justin (my husband) said he’d take his lunch to work just so he could say he was having a turkey and provolone sandwich on turkey and provolone bread.  On and on and on they went, so of course I couldn’t last much longer than today to make the bread.

I started out by frying some sliced turkey in a skillet.  As a side note here, I highly recommend grapeseed oil.  I can sauté and fry without worrying about free radicals and it’s tasty.  It’s completely replaced any use I would get out of olive oil and it’s about the same price.  Ok. Side note done!TURRRKKEEEYYY

That would be the turkey, slightly browned and delicious looking.  While I was mixing ingredients into the dough I had Justin chop the cheese up.  We went to the deli and got fresh provolone slices and unfortunately, the recipe calls for shredded cheese.  I had him chop it and it was fine, though.


He has such nice hands 🙂

I still haven’t gotten the hang of mixing things into dough, but luckily this was pretty easy dough to work with because of the butter and eggs.


After everything got mixed up I put it in a bowl to rise.

The timing was a little off for me, during the rise Justin and I went to get some lunch and came home and did some stuff around the house. It had pretty much doubled, so I went ahead and split them up into their respective loaf pans. It was a little warm in the house so it rose pretty quick. I was really afraid of letting it over-proof so I only let it sit in the loaf pans for about 20 minutes, instead of the hour it called for. As a result, the oven spring wasn’t there and the bread came out a little on the…flat side.


I was a bit worried it would be dense, but as you can see…


Amazing. Looked GREAT. So I got the condiments, Cory sliced the tomato, he griped about me putting avocado anywhere near a sandwich and ta-da!

Doesn’t it make you hungry?? A touch of miracle whip, turkey, provolone, tomato, avocado and lettuce. Mmm, mmm good.

So, needless to say I will definitely be making this bread again. And again. What other cheese/meat combos can we think of? The possibilities are endless!!!