I’ve really been enjoying the time I’ve been spending in the kitchen lately.  I wanted to share a recipe that went over really well with the boys.

Chicken Medley (I don’t have a better name for this…any ideas?)
Chicken breast and thighs
Onions (I prefer yellow)
Seasoning of choice (I bought the pre-seasoned fajita chicken at HEB and added garlic powder, salt and pepper)
Fresh spinach
Fresh cilantro

Sauté the chicken, garlic and onions in a large skillet with a little bit of oil (I use grape seed) until done.  Drain any grease (I reserved a bit in the pan). Now, if you’re lucky and have a large skillet you are set, but if you’re like me and have a medium sized one you might need to take about half the chicken out and set it aside temporarily.  Either way, after the chicken is done and the onions are brown and the garlic smells divine you throw in the mushrooms and cilantro.  Cook them a bit, then throw in the tomatoes.  Then the spinach.  Avocado last, because you want it to retain some of its firmness.

I wanted a good cheese sauce to cover the mix with, so I cubed some Velveeta, added a bit of milk and stirred that up.  When I chopped up the tomato I reserved the juices and pulp inside the tomato (because it wouldn’t sauté anyways) and threw it in my mini-blender for a few seconds to thin it out.  I threw that in with the cheese and milk, added a bit of salt, and was pretty happy with it… had a great flavor and wasn’t overwhelmingly cheesy. 

I made a few mistakes in this recipe, like sautéing all the veggies at once.  It was my fault for trying to mise en place incorrectly.  I put everything in one bowl instead of individual bowls!

So the onions didn’t cook enough and the spinach was overdone.  I liked having the cilantro in so early because it gave it’s flavor away just enough, but that is of course a personal preference.  You really couldn’t do this with dried cilantro and get the same result.  I bought the bunch I used at HEB for .38 cents.  Totally worth it.

I think next time it will be much better – but isn’t that the best way to look at the future? Always getting better.