I just had to share this story with you guys.  I purchased a Silpat baking mat since my counters aren’t great for kneading dough and I do about half of by bread kneading by hand.  They are pretty awesome because they really are nonstick.  You can use them in the oven if you want to, but I generally don’t.  I had my brand spanking new silpat next to my kitchen aid the other day, hadn’t even used it yet.I came in the kitchen to make bagles. I went to stand in front of my sink and felt something… odd.. on my floor. I looked down and was COMPLETELY mortified to see my silpat sitting very nicely in front of my sink!!

My brother in law was making something at the stove so when I gasped in horror he turned around to see what I was freaking out about.  I pointed at my mat and asked him what it was doing on the floor.  This was his response:

“It’s a slip-mat… you know, so you don’t SLIP on the floor!!”

I was like… what? No no no no no, dear, it’s a SILPAT. He argued with me for a minute but when actually LOOKED at the word very clearly on the mat he said..”Oh. Well, it LOOKS like it should be a slip mat!!”

It was all sorts of dirty from being in the floor with the dog and the cats and my feet.  I washed it in hot hot hot water for a while but it’s just not the same.

What a way to break it in 😦