The day before Amy and I were going to go to Las Vegas for Defcon we went shopping.  I bought this REALLY cool pair of shorts since I didn’t have many, and Vegas was much hotter than it was at the time in California.  I got home and was showing off my buys when I realized that the security tag was still attached! You know, the big plastic ones that shoot dye all over it if you aren’t careful? So I was totally bummed and the store was already closed by the time we realized what had happened.  The flight left the next morning really early and we weren’t going to have time to get it fixed before then.

So my Dad tell me, “Hey, I’ve got an idea…” and goes off to the garage.  A few minutes later he comes back with a grinder.  A grinder!?! To my new shorts!?!  But I trust him so off he goes.  He creates a makeshift workbench out of our pool table and…. bbzzzttt… bbbzzztt… bbbzzttt…. grinds off the back side of the plastic.  I don’t know if it was safe, but I *do* know that Dad totally came through for me and got the security tag off my shorts.  I told the story every time I had a chance that weekend, the story of how my Dad totally was a genius.

I really miss him when I remember things like this.  He was a great guy.