I was going to start this off by saying “This has been a crazy week” but then I realized that it’s only Tuesday. So as much as I would like to say it’s been a crazy week, it’s really just been a crazy few days. Fun, though.

Friday morning I set out to Tomball, TX to be at the hospital for my nephew’s birth. It was a beautiful sight to see my baby brother come through the doors of the delivery area and say “Y’all come say hello to my son!” I can’t even TYPE it without starting to cry. Keegan Charles Threet is a BEAUTIFUL baby boy who entered this world at 7 lbs 14 ½ oz., and 21 ½ inches. 10 fingers, 10 toes, and his daddy’s chin (mine too, coincidentally, but that doesn’t really count).

Keegan Charles Threet

I made Jake a prayer bracelet and gave it to him the day Keegan was born. It was really awesome to see him using it, saying prayers, generally using it as a reminder that God was with him. I snapped a picture of them so you guys could see:

Prayer beads

Saturday and Sunday I got to spend time with some of Justin’s family from Tennessee. Saturday and Sunday were spent revolving around his Mom, his Grandma, and his brother Brian. It was wonderful! I made some more of my Anadama bread which tried to fail on me but survived to be eaten another day. Grandma LIKED it too, so bonus points. Always good to score points with the in-laws.

Sunday church was good, I *love* it when my family comes to church with me. We always have such a good time. It was really different from what Grandma would expect, so I hope she wasn’t too traumatized by Tony’s humor!! She did say she enjoyed it. Justin and I both felt like God was using Tony to remind us to turn to HIM when our body hurts instead of instantly going to google (“Why does this joint hurt, google?”) or planning doctor trips. How about we just ask God for healing? I mean, he might say yes, and then wouldn’t that be cool? Not to say modern medicine doesn’t have its place, just to say that sometimes it isn’t needed.

At any rate, I had a great time this weekend.

Tomorrow we are going back to Magnolia to see Jake and Emilie and Keegan!! I am so excited!! Hopefully I will get to take some more pictures. Unfortunately, at this age they don’t do much other than sleep/cry/eat/poop but hey, it’s still adorable for now 🙂